Crashed in Roswell
Changing Future

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Author: Serena


Category: Max/Liz

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Sequel to Truth Again, so it would be better if you read that first.

Liz' daughter Isabel learns the truth about her mothers past life.

Authors note: I didnt write the whole fairy tale because everyone knows anyway.

This story isnt written in Liz POV when she writes in her diary, like I did in Truth Again, but I still wrote the dates, so that you know how much time went by.


Changing Future


22nd March 2021


"Nighty night, my darling," Liz said softly and covered her daughter Isabel with the blanket.

"Can you tell me a fairy tale mommy?!," the 5 year old girl asked with a lovely smile.

"Alright," Liz answered, "which one, do you wanna hear?"

"The one with the alien prince," Isabel said quickly. Liz smiled. She always wanted to hear this story. It was her favourite. So she sat down on next to her daughter on her bed and started telling, "You know, once, years ago crashed a spaceship here in the USA, in Roswell. Remember, we stayed there last year for a week, with Maria." The girl nodded.

"Ok however, inside of the ship, there were aliens, you know, they werent green or slimy, they looked like normal people. They were 2 boys and a girl and they had special powers. Their leader, Zan, could heal people and the girl, her name was Vilandra, could walk in peoples dreams for example.

However, the aliens lived a normal life on earth. Vilandra and Zan were adopted by a really nice couple, the Evans. Rath wasnt that lucky. He had to stay with a really bad man called Hank. Well, they lived normal life until one special day. When a young girl, her name was Elisabeth, got shot in a restaurant. Zan and Rath were in the café at that moment. Zan had been in love with that girl since he had first seen her, when he was in 3rd grade. He couldnt let her die and so he healed her with his powers. Afterwards he told her about his origin..."

Isabel knew the story word for word. And she was still enchanted every time her mother told her.

"...The girl and the prince became a couple again and married. And finally everything seemed to be alright again. But years later, Kivar attacked earth and the aliens died, saving the world. And the two girls, Elisabeth and Maria, were only ones left. But they know, that theyll be with their loved ones again. Sometime. Somewhere."

"Oh thats so sad," Isabel said.

"Yeah it is. But now, youll better go to sleep. Sweet dreams, my darling," Liz said softly.

"Good night, mommy." A minute later Liz watched Isabel laying in her bed, sleeping peacefully. Her little baby was her everything.

She had often thought, if she should tell her about her father, but except of some silver handprints on her toys, she had never noticed that she had any powers, so she didnt tell her anything. She wanted her to have a normal life.


15th April 2033

Isabel remembered the story, her mother had always told her. And she remembered the sad expression of her eyes when she spoke those words. And slowly she began to realize.

She had always known somehow, but never really realized. When she grew older and remembered, it always seemed a little weird to her. But now she understood. It wasnt just a fairy tale and the girl, Elisabeth, wasnt just some girl. It was her, Liz, her mother.

She was at the cellar and looked through the old things of her mom. She had asked her to look for something. But Isabel had found something more interesting. It was a book with odd looking signs in it. Somehow it seemed familiar to her. But she couldnt exactly say what it was. She continued to rummage and found some old pictures. They showed her mother and her aunt Maria, together with 4 other people, 3 boys and a blonde girl, whom she didnt know. She had been probably her age then. And she seemed to be happy. Isabel had never seen her mother as happy as she seemed to be then.

"What are you doing?," someone suddenly asked. Maria stood behind her in her wheelchair.

"I.. erm ... I was looking for something for mom," she hurried to say. "You found the old photos," Maria smiled. Isabel looked at her sheepishly and nodded.

"Who's that?," she asked and showed her a picture of the group. "That was our old gang in highschool: Max, Liz, Michael, me, Isabel, Alex and the bitch in the background, that looks so silly is Tess," she explained. Isabel had to laugh about the bitch. But that was Maria. Always saying what she was thinking.

"Were Michael and you a couple?," Isabel asked, "There are a couple of photos with just the two of you."  "Well, yeah...many times," she smiled, "We broke up often. But in the end, he asked me to marry him."

"Why did you say no?," she wanted to know and already knew answer, she remembered the fairy tale, her mother used to tell her. "I didn't say no. I said yes. Heres my ring."

"It's mom's story of the alien prince right?!," the girl asked carefully. She nodded. "Yes it is. So you know, why I didn't marry him."

"And mom is Elisabeth." Maria nodded again. "So half of me is alien," Isabel asked a little panicked. Maria obviously didn't really know what to say. She noticed that the girl was frightened.

"Well...erm yes, sort of," she began, "But I'd say, more human than...," she smiled. "Why did she never tell me?," Isabel asked calm but serious.

"She often thought about it. But then it seemed as if you wouldn't have any alien powers. She wanted you to have a normal life. She didn't want you to get in danger," Maria explained. Isabel nodded.

"Sorry darling, but I've got to go now. I promised your mom to meet her at the mall. See ya later," Maria said and turned to leave. "Bye," Isabel answered and turned back to the box, where she had found the photos.

"What was it, that Mom wanted me to bring her?," she asked herself. Then she discovered an old book. She took it out of the box.

"23rd September, first entry, Im Liz Parker and five days ago, I died...," Isabel read. She continued reading until she came to the fateful day, when Future Max visited her mother. A tear slipped down her face. She couldn't even imagine how her mother was able to do that. She realized how strong she was.


Suddenly the doorbell rang. She stood up and opened the door. Outside where two policemen waiting. Suddenly Isabel had a bad feeling.

"Are you Isabel Parker?," one of them asked. "Yes, what can I do for you?," she responded. "We've got bad news for you. There was a car accident today. And your mother and Ms. Deluca were involved in it."

"Oh my God, are they ok? Did anything happen to them?," Isabel shouted out. "Your mother is in hospital, we can give you a ride, if you want," the other one said. "What's with Maria...Deluca?," the girl wanted to know. "I'm sorry, but there wasn't anything we could do for her. She was immediately dead."

"Oh my God, Maria... dead that can't be true I talked to her half an hour ago," Isabel whispered in shock, "Mom I've got to go to her. Could you take me to the hospital?"


It wasn't far to the hospital and half an hour later, Isabel stood in front of her mother's room and talked to the doctor.

"How is she? Will she survive?," she asked the doctor. "She's in a coma at the moment. We don't know yet. But the sooner she awakes, the better is the chance that her organs and her brain have no damage."

"Can I see her?," Isabel asked. The doctor nodded and opened the door.

Isabel walked in. There laid her mother. Her petite body in the big bed. Next to the bed where a couple of machines and monitors. A steady bleep indicated her heartbeat.

"Can I talk to her... I mean will she hear me?," she asked.

"I dont know it's possible. I'll better leave you alone now," the doctor said and left the room. Isabel just started to speak. She talked about everything that came into her mind.  She told her, that she had found the old photos and the journal and that she knew about the alien prince. She told her, that she was sorry for her, that she lost her love and that everything has to come that way.

"Mom I love you, you can't just leave me I need you... mom?!," she whispered.


Suddenly  the bleep that indicated her heartbeat stopped. Instead a long shrill tone went on. A moment later, two doctors and some nurses came in. A nurse asked Isabel to wait outside. She was shocked. She watched through a window, how the doctors tried to reanimate her.

"Mom?! Don't leave me," she whispered and started crying until she couldn't breathe anymore. And suddenly the story and the journal came into her mind and she hurried out of the hospital and went home.

"There has to be a way," she said to herself, "The Max from the future was able to do it, so I have to be able to travel back to the past too."

She read the rest of her mom's journal and found out that there was a second, a smaller granilith. She searched dogged in the big box, where she had found the other things and really, there was some sort of crystal. She didn't know how to use it. But her mother had written in her journal, that the aliens just concentrated, when they used their powers.

So she concentrated hard on that fateful day, when Future Max came back into the past. She closed her eyes and hold the crystal in front of her. Suddenly she had a strange feeling, just as if she would take off the ground.

Back in the past


Suddenly Isabel found herself in the dark streets of Roswell. It was night and she stood in front of the Crashdown. It was still open. She went in.

"Can I bring anything?, she heard a voice. Isabel looked up. Maria, a younger version of her, stood in front of her. "Cherry coke please," she said, "and could you tell me, where Liz is?" "You know Liz?," Maria asked. "Well, Im a relative, erm cousin," Isabel hurried to say. "Well, I dont know where she is at the moment. But ask her parents, they're at the back," Maria suggested. "Ok thanks," Isabel answered and stood up and went to the backroom.

"Erm... Mr. Parker?," she said, when she entered the room. She looked around, when she noticed stairs she went up. "Mr. Parker?," she asked a second time, "Liz?" 

A woman entered the room. "Hello, who are you?," she asked. "Erm...I'm just looking for my mo... friend Liz. Is she here?," Isabel asked. "Oh I'm Liz mom," the woman said.

"Grandma," Isabel thought. She'd never met her grandmother in person. She died before Isabel was born.  "Liz is in her room, Kyle has just left," she said.

"Thank you," the girl said, still starring at her. Then she realized what that meant. Kyle had left, what means that Max had already seen them together. "Damn," she cursed and left the house.

She had to do something. If she couldnt prevent her father from falling out of love with her mother everything would happen again. She thought about it for a moment. Max. She had to talk to him. She wanted to his home and went through the park to get there.

Suddenly she saw him sitting on a bench. He looked so sad.

"Max?!," she said softly. "Liz?," he asked surprised and looked up, realizing that it wasn't her. Isabel's voice was just very similar to her mother's.

"Who are you?," he wanted to know. "Let's just say I'm a friend," she answered, "Listen, that may sounds weird to you now. But I know what youre going through at the moment."

He looked at her surprised, "What do you mean?" "You know what I mean. You just saw Liz and Kyle in bed together. But believe me, unimportant, what Liz is maybe gonna say to you, she hasn't slept with him. Just believe me."

"Who are you? How can you know that?," he asked. "You wouldnt believe me, if I told you," she said.

"Believe me, I've seen more unbelieveable things than most other people," he answered.

"I'm your daughter," she said. "No I have no daughter and besides... you are my age," he responded a little shocked. "Believe me, I am your daughter. But I'm not from this time. I came from the future. Because I have to change it. And you have to help me."

"That isn't possible. Time travelling is impossible." "I can prove it. How could I know what you saw, half an hour ago. I know everything about you and mom. Ask me a question," she said.

"Your mom. Is Liz your mom?," he asked. Isabel nodded. His eyes lighted up for a short  moment. "What's your name?," he wanted to know. Isabel. He smiled.

"So Liz and I, we ended up together?," he asked. "Well...yes and no that's why I'm here. I've got to bring you two together."


Together they went to Liz. There was no light in her room.

"She's asleep, shall we really wake her?," Max asked. "Oh don't be so shy. You've woken her up often enough," Isabel smiled.

Max smiled too. The thought, that if she was really his daughter and helped him, to come together with her mother was weird. Too weird. And then there was also the fact, that she knew everything about Liz and him. 

"Liz?!," Isabel shouted and knocked on the window. She noticed someone moving inside."Who's that and what do you want?," they heard her ask. "It's me, Max and erm... Isabel," Max answered.

She opened the window. "Who's that? I thought... Isabel," Liz wanted to know, when she saw the girl. "That's a long story, you probably won't believe it, I'm not even totally sure, if I believe it, Max responded, "But we've got to talk. Do you have time?" She wanted to refuse, but then she took a sweater and came out.

"Who are you?," she asked Isabel again. "I'm Isabel. I'm your daughter," she explained, "you won't believe me, so I'll better tell you everything. I' coming from the future like the Max that visited you today. Both, Max and Liz were surprised. Isabel hadn't told him about that.

"But I'm not from his future. I'm coming from the year 2033 from the future you created today. Future Max was wrong. It was the wrong decision to change the future." "Wait a moment, Max from the future just disappeared, how can you," Liz asked.

"Who the hell is Max from the future?," Max wanted to know.Liz and Isabel explained everything to him.

"But he said, that it would be the end of the world, if I wouldn't do it," Liz said.

"In my world... future or whatever, everything turned out worse. And now nobody of you is alive. I just didn't know what to do. I just got to know that I'm half alien. Mom had a car accident she was in coma. Maria died...I've got no one. I found mom's old things this morning and I realized that my favourite fairy tale, my mom had always told me, was about her life. I read her your journal. I wanted her to have a good life. I want her to be happy. Isabel had been so strong all the time and didn't let herself think about everything, but now, when she told them about it, she was near a breakdown.

"What happened in your time? I thought, if Tess wouldnt leave, they'd be able to defeat the Skins," Liz asked.

"I don't know that, cause she wasn't there," Isabel told her, "I just know that in my timeline, Max turned away from Liz and moved on. Meanwhile, Alex was in Sweden or at least everyone thought so. But the truth was, that Tess used him to translate your book and mindwarped him until his brain was too weak and he died. She let it look like suicide, but mom didnt believe that and searched for the true reason. She thought aliens killed him. There was a quarrel between humans and aliens.

In this time Max and Tess became a couple and Tess got pregnant. The baby couldnt live on earth and so they wanted to go home to Antar. But they found out about Tess and her murder and so Tess went alone to Antar. You two married. But then the Skins attacked just as Future Max told you. Valenti, Kyle, Michael and Isabel died"

They looked at her in shock. They'd never believed that Tess would be so important. "Max killed the Skins by destroying their spaceship but also died. Liz and Maria found him and when the spaceship broke down, Maria got buried under the it. She was sitting in a wheelchair until she died today in car accident. I was born 9 months after Max died. I've never met my fatherMom always called me her little miracle. She and Maria shared a flat in NY. She... she was also in that car today She'll probably die too."

Liz hugged her future daughter softly. Isabel began to cry on her shoulder. In this moment she made a decision. She would never let her daughter be so unhappy. If it was her to be unhappy it was ok, it was her decision. But not her daughter. Not Alex, God, she couldnt imagine a life without him. She knew him her whole life long. And Isabel, Michael, Kyle, Valenti... Max.

Still holding Isabel in her arms, she searched for his hand and pressed it softly. He looked into her eyes and saw all the love she was feeling for him. He realized her decision. And he was happy about it.

Suddenly she didn't feel Isabels touch anymore. The girl was disappearing.

"What happens to you?," Max asked. Liz already knew what was happening. The same that had happened to Future Max.

"Are you going back?," he asked.

"I'm going nowhere. I'm disappearing. You will be together. The future is changed now. I just hope for good this time. Mom... dad, I love you. I just wanted to say that once," Isabel said and smiled. Then she disappeared completely.

"Thank you," Liz whispered softly. She looked at Max and had never been so totally sure, that they would make their own, new destiny.


22nd July 2024


"...and so everyone lived happily ever after, together with his love. Zan married his princess Elisabeth and they got three children and became a happy family. Rath had Maria, they solved their problems and had a really happy time for the rest of their life with their two children. Vilandra and Alex finally found together and also married and got twins. Tess wasn't as evil as she always seemed to be and in the end Kyle and her ended up together," Liz finished her story.

"Do you think I'll also find an alien prince?," the little Isabel asked. "Why not?!," Liz responded and smiled. "And what about me?," Zoey asked. "Oh sure you too," Liz answered, "But now, you have to sleep. It's late. Nighty night my darlings." She gave every one of her children a goodnight kiss and went back to the living room.


There they were. Her friends. They had been through so much. But everyone of them knew that it had been worth it. She sat down next to Max. He put his arm around her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "I'm really proud of you Isabel. Thank you!", She thought.

"How did you do that? I mean at home Michelle and Sebastian never WANT to go to sleep," Maria asked. Liz smiled.

"I have my ways," she simply said. "I think you've got to tell us," Michael answered. "Yeah tell us, I could also need some help getting Aisha and Zoey to bed," Alex said.

Max smiled, "Have you never heard the story of alien prince Zan and his princess Elisabeth?! You know, once, years ago crashed a spaceship here in the USA, in Roswell, with four royal aliens in it..."