Crashed in Roswell
Destiny awaits

Title - Destiny Awaits Part one
Written by- Heather  A.K.A "xan"
Summary- Max fakes his death so that he doesn't have to tell liz that he is Leaving togo back to his planet

Catergory-max and Liz
Disclaimer- I do not own any of the  roswell characters I only own the characters I made up !! I only write the fanfic  I did not make up any of the roswell characters!!


Max watched in the distance as Liz kneeled over the grave stone that had his name printed on it. It was painfully to make it look like he was dead, but he had no choice.  He was leaving in a few days and never coming back. He was never going to feel Liz's soft skin against his, or the way they kissed.

Tears were running down Liz's face, in the back of her mind she was thinking. Everyone was hiding something from her; there was something no one was telling her. Maria came up next to her and placed some flowers on the grave.

Max watched, Maria closely she was going to tell her. 'Maria you promised you wouldn't'

"Liz we need to talk"

Liz wiped the tears from her eyes, she waiting for what Maria had to say.

"Why do I have a feeling this has to do with Max?"

Maria hugged her best friend knowing that she was breaking Max's promise. She promised Max she would never tell Liz that he was really alive and that he was leaving town to go to his planet and try to save the world.

"It is about max I promised I wouldn't say anything but you should know"

"Know what Maria?"

Maria tried to find the right words to say, it was hard breaking a promise that she had been keeping for weeks.

"Max isn't dead they just made it look he was dead"

Liz looked at her best friend confused. Max Hid behind the building knowing that if Liz saw him the whole plan would be messed up.
'Thanks Maria' Max thought.

"What are you talking about? "

"He isn't dead Liz, he is alive and well and planning to leave. He didn't want to tell you, he is trying to save his planet and he is leaving in a couple of days"

"You lied to me? You're my best friend!"

"I couldn't help it Liz"

"Where is he?"

"I can't tell you"

Maria saw the anger in her best friend's eyes. Never had she seen such and anger in her before. Max saw Liz coming his way he quickly grabbed her by the arm and pulled to the side of the building.

"Sshhh don't say a word"

"How can I not say a word when your suppose to be dead!"

Max rubbed his thumb across her cheek trying to calm her down. He missed the softness of her skin.

"I had no choice Liz if I don't do this you could die and everyone I love could die I have to go and rule my planet"

Tears were running down her face again. She had been crying for at least two weeks and was sick of it.

"You lied to me max"

"I know but it was for your own good and protection"

He quickly kissed her and wiped her tears away with his thumb.

"Liz meet me in the crash down after it closes. I want to spend my last days on earth with you and only you"

"I love you max"

He kissed her forehead and replied "I'll never stop loving you