Crashed in Roswell
Waiting for you

By Serena
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too, I don't own the show or its characters.
Rating: PG-13
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I'm so sorry Max. I'm sorry that I can't wait for you to come back. I'm
sorry that I'll break my promise. I never wanted to. But now it seems as if
I wouldn't make it. I wanted to be there, when you come back. I really
wanted to.
Now I look to the stars above. Years ago you left to save your son. I still
remember this night so clearly.


Two months after we graduated College you came to tell me, that Michael,
Isabel and you would leave to save your son. When you came home from work I
knew that something wasn't right. I saw it in your eyes. I stood up from the
chair and hugged you. And then you told me.
Since the day Tess left I was afraid of this moment.
"Liz.I've got to tell you something.Michael, Isabel and I.we'll leave. We
found a way to get to Antar," you told me. I looked at you in disbelief. And
then I realized what that meant.
I looked down. "When? How much time do we have left?", I asked emotionless.
"A day.maybe two, depends on how long we need to get everything ready," you
And then I started to cry. You hugged me. I just cried. The next day we
spent together and nothing could separate us. And then everything was ready
for you to leave. Time had come to say our goodbyes.
First I went to Isabel and hugged her.
"Here, I've got something for you. It's not much.but it will always remind
you of us," I said and gave her the picture of us, Sean took before the
"Thank you, but I'll never need anything to remind me of you. Never. You are
the best friends I'll ever have," she answered, "Goodbye." "Goodbye,
Michael was next. We both didn't really know what to say.
"Please promise me to take care of him," I said.
"With my life," he responded, "And you take care of Maria. I don't want to
leave her." I nodded.
"Goodbye and thank you for everything," he said and hugged me. "Goodbye."
And then I stood in front of you. You hugged me.
"I don't want to leave you. I'll come back. I promise you, I will," you
"And I'll wait for you. I wait as long as I have to," I answered softly.
Then you stroke my hair and kissed me. "I love you," you said. "I love you
too, Max, I love you too."
And then you left.

*flashback ends*

I waited all the time for you to come back. Years went by and you didn't
return. Sometimes I wondered if you were still alive.
Every night I sat on my balcony and watched the stars and thought of you.
But now I can't wait any longer. Seven months ago I went to hospital because
I always had this horrible headache and they told me I had a tumour.
Inoperable. I would die. They said I had only two months left to live. But I
stayed strong. I wanted to see you a last time before I died.
But now I can't fight it any longer. My heart, my soul are still strong but
my body is dying.

I'm at home now, in my old room. I didn't want to die in a hospital. I've
got no strength left to fight and I feel that my fight will be over soon. I
just wanted to see you one last time.
I wanted to say goodbye. My final goodbye. I wanted to kiss you. I'm sorry I
didn't hold my promise.

Then the door opened. I didn't look who it was. I just watched the stars
through my window.
"Liz?!", an acquaintance voice said. No, that couldn't be. It was
impossible. I turned my head.
"Max, is that really you?", I asked.
"Yeah Liz, it's me. I'm back," he said. I felt tears forming in my eyes.
"Max, I hoped so much you'd come. I didn't want to break my promise. I was
waiting for you all the time. I thought I'd never see you again," I cried.
We kissed.
"'s ok.I'm here. I'll never leave again."
"In my heart I was with you all the time."
There was so much I wanted to tell him but I felt that I had no time
anymore. I felt my body giving up the fight. "I love you Max."
From far away I heard him saying that he loved me too.

The End