Crashed in Roswell
Some powers of her own

By IrishLolly
Some powers of her own.

Liz finds out she is a walking specialist, which means she can see people past, present and future and secrets. She also can teleport anywhere and bring people into her visions.

PG so far

Crossover to Roswell/ Angel/ Buffy.( first part inspired by the Haunting.)

Spoilers- None, i don't think

I DON'T OWN ANYTHING, ( but maybe Lindsay or Max, possibly Angel)

" So I was thinking road trip time." Maria said as me, Alex and Maria sat comfortable mashed into one on the sofa in the back of the CRASHDOWN cafe.

" No count me out, last time we went on one of them, god I don't even want to remember." Alex said.

" Yeah he has a very good point, and I just want to sit around here feeling sorry for myself ." I said walking to the door peering out of the small window. Then the pit of my stomach started to ach when I saw Max and Tess siting laughing.

" Liz, what's up, I mean you two were perfect together." Alex said right behind me

" Enough, we can do that in the car." Maria said coming down the stairs with my bag.

" Where did you get that?" I asked before Michael came walking out of the kitchen

" Are you ready for me?" he asked removing his apron

" Yeah, I'll go put the bags in the car." Alex said walking out front

Then my feet started to lift off the ground and next I knew I was over Michael's shoulder.

" Michael put me down. NOW!" I yelled through the Cafe making a scene. We reached outside and Michael put me down near Maria's car. His only response " HERE". God I could just punch

" Well that's an exist." Tess said with Max's by her side

" Yeah we were just mucking, ready to go?" I said everyone noticing my mood change, soon we said goodbye and was on the road. We were all pretty depressed so Maria turns on to some Depressing music and we all belting out the words to each song. Not admitting how we knew them. One song was Bette Midler's Wind Beneath my Wings, Alex and Maria took the chorus and I took the verses. After the song finish Alex started conversation.

" So we decided to take you to the old Shilibeer Ghost town." Alex said in between eating

As we follow the road into the old abandon town we passed serval buildings I could help but wonder what it would have been like to live, the thought was quiet romantic but I could never tell it out loud because I would be able to hear how nerdy it sounded.

" Well we are staying here." She said pulling up in front of a motel, which look like a castle. We were amazingly shocked by the colour, which was so life full and bright, where as the others dusty.

We soon got settle into our rooms and as I sat on the king-size bed I remember all the story of murders and paranormal beings in this house. Looking back over the year, I could believe...

" Hey great pick of rooms.... And we are the only ones here to." Maria said racing into my room and jumping on my bed, taking me out of my thoughts. Alex follow after talking, sharing secrets and belting out songs again we called it a night.

As I got change I sat down and starting to brush my hair in front of an 1800th mirror. Reminiscing about the night I thought of one of the songs I had sung to, Hunter by Dido. I thought back upon the songs words and laugh. I couldn't believe what I sung. So I started to hum and then quietly repeated the chorus to myself.

If you were a king, I bare on your throne

Would you be wise enough to let me go?

For this queen you think you own

Wants to be a hunter again

Wants to see the world alone again

I sang until I notice my reflection in the mirror, it was changing to another women. With pale skin, golden hair and a red ring mark around her neck, as if she was hung. The behind me started to change into an image of what I thought might be the early 20's. So intrigued I whip around and notice nothing had change, but when I turn back around I saw the women screaming while she was getting pulled down by something. The it all stop and everything was quiet. I sat there wondering what it was and put it down to not enough sleep. So I got into bed and fell asleep. Then I slip into the dream world and I dreamt of Max lying on his bed then me getting force into his mind and seeing things from awaking from the pods, finding his foster parents, more images of 1947 to now, the present. Then I was pulled out and he was force into my mind, seeing images from my past to the future max, Alex and Maria, Michael stealing my dairy, me and Kyle in bed and to now, in the house. The I suddenly found myself back in my bed, knowing he had saw everything. Trying to get myself back to sleep, three hours later I succeed and dreamt of a girl with power seeing what was foretold, and then seeing three other men stand behind her staring at me. I jerk up from the bed and panic, trying to remember it was just a dream.

" Knock, knock can I come in?" Alex asked. Seeing the terror in my face he race to my side, after a while I told him everything that happen.

Later in the afternoon while just hanging around in the one of the main sitting rooms, Maria's phone started to ring. Alex and me not caring continued with our game of Chess.

" Liz it's for you." she said throwing the phone at me

" Hello." i said while drinking my coke

" Liz it's me, Max. We really need to talk." he said seriously

" Okay. About what exactly?" i asked pretending not to know

" I know you know and we have to..." he didn't finish because Maria's phone cut dead.

" Um... Maria did we forget do something?" i said shaking the phone

" Oops. sorry. i totally forgot with the trip and everything." she said explaining

" Was that before or after tonsil Hockey with Michael?" Alex asked smirking

" Oh shut up... Anyway what did he want?" she asked

" Was it about last night?" Alex asked giving anything away. We both keep silent.

" Fine, keep your secrets. FRIENDS!" she said, after that i explain what happen and after she just sat there quiet, when she was about to say something a clunk, clunk was heard coming from the stairs, Deciding to all check it out, Alex led Maria and I to the staircase, where we saw this huge ball bearing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Where did that come from?" he asked terrified

" I don't know, but we are not alone." she said afraid aswell

" How did it get down the stairs? it wasn't there before. Was it?" i asked confused

" That it's i'm putting my phone on charge, then we're leaving." she said walking to the lounge. As she walk into the room the door slam behind her and then the lights started to flicker, frozen to what i saw, i ran to help but then everything went dark. The FLASH at the CRASHDOWN after hours

" Arr, Liz what are you doing here?" Tess screamed

" Help... Maria!" then i was suddenly getting pulled back to me own body

" What?" Michael yelled trying to touch my shoulder only going through me

" Um... Why can't i touch you?" he asked staring at his hand, wondering.

" I don't know, Help Maria's trap." i said before fading away. Back in my on body everything had stop, and Alex and Maria were sitting next on the floor.

" Liz, are you okay, honey." Maria asked with panic

" Yeah, i think i must have got knock out or something because some weird shit just happen." i said filling them in we decided to leave in the morning, but until then we agree not to split up unless necessary. Around nine thirty there was a knock at the door. Alex open it with Maria and Me behind him. To our amazement it was Max, Isabelle, Michael, Tess and Kyle.

" Hey what are you all doing here?" i asked stepping in front of them

" Two reasons, you asked us to help because of Maria and the other you know about." he said walking in follow by the others.

" What do you mean?" Maria asked hugging Michael

" Liz, came to us a couple of hours ago." Max said

" You mean i was actually there?" i asked confused as ever

" You mean we came all... Liz?" max stopped noticing me, everything went quiet and soon dark, i felt light head and then i remember waking up to Max's Angelic face.

" Are you okay?" he asked helping me stand

" Yeah, just got a little dizzy for a minute." i said not wanting to explain it all again

" alright let's all pack our stuff and get out of here." Maria said walking upstairs

" Agreed." Alex and i both said at the same time

" Right Kyle and Tess, Kitchen. Isabelle help Alex, Max help Liz." She said continuing to walk Michael took a hint and followed her. Up in my room Max and i were packing and he's hand slightly touch my giving each other a Flash.

" We got married at nineteen and in Vegas" Future Max told me

Flash. He look at me at i said "Okay we need to talk." After i finished telling him everything about the Future Max, the thing with Kyle, even last night events.

After we pack we decided to talk later and we were coming down the stairs meeting everyone when i started to feel light headed and dizzy then when i got down the bottom i moan and everyone turn to me. Before i could say anything i felt a stroke of pain and suddenly i was in a new place. A old hotel of some sort, someone was coming through the front door so i decided to hide behind a counter.

" God i so could have taken him, did you see me. I was on!" a women said

" Was that before or after i save the world. Again." the man with glasses said

" Cordelia you were... " the man in dark clothing stopped

" What... Thirsty Again." She asked him

" Someone is here." he said walking over to where i was he reached over and grab me

" Arr." i scream then poking him in the eye and running towards the door. But getting caught by the girl, then FLASH

Me getting shot at the CRASHDOWN

Max healing me then future Max and Kyle and me in bed, then FLASH

we both were on the ground rubbing our heads. the main in black was just about ready to kill me when the girl said. " leave her alone, she's good."

" What happen?" the coloured man asked

" It seems Cordelia and The girl link together and got trapped in each others minds." the man with glasses said fascinated.

" What's your name kid?" the man in dark clothing asked me

" Liz... Elizabeth parker. From Roswell, New Mexico." i responded

" Okay hi Liz, I'm Angel, this is Cordelia, this one over her is Wesley and my man on the right is Gunn. Welcome to LA the city of lost Souls." he said firmly.