Crashed in Roswell
The Way It Should Be

The Way It Should Be
Author: HotG92886
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of the characters!!
Summary: CC couples. Humor/Romance/Action[CATFIGHT!!]
Rating: R for language.
"The Way It Should Be"

"Hey, Max."

Tess Harding greeted Max Evans inside the Crashdown Cafe.

"Hey, Tess. What's up?" Max replied, not really caring about the ditz
next to him.
"Nothing." She replied, attempting to flirt with him.

Liz Parker walked over to the table.

"What can I get you two this evening?" She asked in her casual
waitressing tone of voice.
"The usual." Max replied, dryly.
"I'll have whatever he's having."

'Stupid ditz can't even think for herself!' Liz thought to herself.

"I hope you choke." Liz mumbled.
Tess's head snapped up. "What was that?" She asked, glaring at Liz.
"I said with two cherry cokes?" Liz covered, as Max hid a smile.
"Yeah, thanks." Tess said, as she placed her hand on Max's knee.

He was very subtle in moving away from her. Liz walked to the back
and gave Michael the order.

"These taste really good, Mikey, G." Courtney, the wanna-be blonde
ho, told him.
"Yeah, well, that's why I'm the chef."

Courtney sucked on a fry pointedly before putting it in her mouth and
swallowing. Michael groaned. He was NOT in the mood for this today. She
was like this...annoying....MUT that wouldn't go away. Maria came through
just in time.

"Oh, great. You're here. See, Courtney, the thing about working is
you actually have to do it unless you wanna be fired. Of course, if you wanna
be fired..."
"Whatever. I'll see you later, Mikey G."

Courtney walked out of the kitchen. Michael immediately turned his attention
back to the burgers on the grill. Maria was glaring at him.

"What?" He asked, frustrated.
"We didn't hire you to flirt with the staff, Michael."
"What's the matter? Don't you remember the good ol' days?" Michael
asked with a smirk.
"Hey, you two, quit it! I need that order, Michael!"
"Uh, I forgot. What'd you want again?" Liz sighed.
"Two Will Smith Burgers with tabasco and two cherry cokes. One with
Arsenic." Liz said, smiling sweetly.
Maria laughed.
"Okay, so, I take it Tess is here..." Michael said, knowingly.
"Max and Tess." Liz told him.
"Are they like on a ..." Maria asked, cutting herself off to cringe.
"A date? I'm not sure. What was Courtney doing back here? She's
supposed to be in the front waitressing!"
"Ask Michael." Maria responded, icily.
She glared at the alien who pretended not to notice.
"Anyone here?" Alex called.
"In the back, Alex!" Liz called.
Alex and Isabel entered the backroom.
"Hey, Alex. Isabel. What's up?" Liz asked, smiling.
"Nothing much. You?"
"The usual."
"So, what brings you here?" Maria asked.
"Max and Tess's orders are up! Maria?"
"No way! It's my break!"
"Take it later. Give 'em their food. Liz is busy and Courtney has
enough tables already."
"Tough! It's her shift not mine!"
"Maria!" Michael was about to lose his mind. She was so difficult!
"You really suck." Maria mumbled.
"Whatever." Michael answered.
Maria gave Max and Tess their food.
"Where's Liz?" Tess asked, a little too sweetly.
"Talking to Alex and Isabel."
"Oh. Well, that's reallly great. She's supposed to be our waitress and
she ditches her responsibility. Some people are so unreliable." Tess
Maria glared at her and then looked at Max. He just gave her a weak smile as
she shook her head and walked away. Courtney was in the back with Michael
again. Isabel rolled her eyes in distaste.
"I liked it better when it was him and Maria." She told Alex.
"Me too."
"So, Mikey G, I get off in ten minutes. The place is empty. So, what
do you say we go back to my place."
"I'm working the late shift."
"I could stick around." She suggested.
Courtney flaunted her mediocre chest in his face.
"Look, you little 9021hoe wanna-be, you have a job. Either go wait on
customers or get your white as death, scrawny, two-bit whore ass outta here!"
Maria said,visibly pissed.
"Feeling a little bit threatened there, Princess?" Michael quipped,
as soon as Courtney left.
"Hardly." She growled.
"Sure, whatever you say, DeLuca."
"Hey! Look, I need to go upstairs and I need you two to lock up. Can
you do it without killing each other?" Liz asked, sternly.
"One can only try." Maria told her best friend.
"We'll be out there. Come on, Alex." Isabel said, leading them both
to the front of the restaurant.
They sat with Max and Tess.
"So, where's Kyle?"
"He's on a cruise. Him and Jim needed some time to bond."
"That's cool."
"Yeah, um, excuse me. I'll be right back. Don't worry Max. I'll be
back in a minute."
"Take your time." Max told her desperate for the loser to just go
away already.
The place was empty except for the remaining eight: Maria, Michael, Liz, Max,
Alex, Isabel, Ho-Oops! I meant Courtney-and Ho number 2-Oh Im sorry! I meant
Tess-Tess went to the breakroom and walked to Courtney's locker.
"Okay, so, you're still gonna help me, right?" Courtney asked the
other blonde bimbo.
"Yeah! You get Michael and I get Max! Then, we deliver all of them to K
"We are brilliant!" They gushed happiness.
"No, you're really stupid." Liz said, as she overheard the whole
conversation and was now standing in front of both of them.
"Liz, shouldn't you be upstairs doing something useful?"
"I can't wait for them to know the truth about you two! Max! Hurry
come quick! Maria! Michael! Isabel! Alex!" The other five ran immediately to
where Liz was.
"These two bitches are trying to get Max and Michael and deliver you
all to Kivar!"
"You suck! I hate you! They were ours!" Courtney cried aloud.
Liz picked up a pie and threw it at Tess. Tess ducked and it hit Courtney.
Courtney picked up the ketchup and squirted it. However, it exploded all over
"You bitch! I paid one-hundred dollars for this top!" Isabel jumped on
Tess and pulled her hair. Alex pulled her off of Tess. Maria and Liz tackled
Courtney. Michael was too amused to think straight and Max was just shocked.
Alex held Isabel back from Tess. The minute the trash got off the floor, Liz
jumped her from behind. Liz and Tess rolled on the floor as Liz kicked
Tess's ass. Tess screamed in pain as Liz punched her in the nose.
"You stupid bitch!"
Tess was just about to punch Liz, but Max pulled Liz off the ground. He
hugged her close to him. Michael, however, still couldn't stop watching as
Maria right-hooked Courtney and landed her square in the eye.
"Ya know, Maria, just ask Michael! I like the top!"
Maria screamed, as she slapped the girl repeatedly across the face. She
grabbed a burger from the grill and shoved it in Courtney's mouth.
"Eat that you anorexic skank!"
Michael needed to separate them. He pulled Maria of of Courtney. Alex
released Isabel, who used to elbow to hit Courtney as the girl began to
stand. To everyones disbelief, she vanished.
"You fools! She was a skin! Stupid humans. That mind warp should have
worked! That stupid Future Max warp was supposed to divide you forever! It's
not fair! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!" Tess began to cry hysterically as
she jumped up and down and had a temper tantrum.
Max received visions from Liz as he laced his fingers through hers.
"I can't believe..she just...disappeared." Isabel whispered.
Alex pulled her into a tight, warm hug.
"That's my girl!"
"You risked it all? For me? For Michael and Isabel and everyone else?"
Max asked in disbelief.
"Yeah, I did. I had to Max." Max and Liz kissed.
"No! You will never win this!"
She attempted to use her mind to create a fire and direct it at Max,
but he just put up his hand creating a shield. The fire backfired and Tess
slowly faded away.
"I knew that stupid blonde was trouble!" Maria said.
"!" Isabel whispered, still in shock.
Alex wrapped his arms around her.
"Alex, I am so sorry for everything."
"Shh, its okay. I love you Isabel Evans."
"I love you too Alex Whitman." Isabel and Alex kissed.
"You were right." Michael told Maria softly.
"What was that?" Maria asked, feigning shock.
"You heard me!" He told her, completely exasperated at this point.
"The world really is fcoming to an end because there is no way that
you just said that I was..." Maria never finished her setence beacuse Michael
kissed her sotfly.
"I meant it, Maria. I love you."
"I love you, too, Spaceboy."

1 Week Later

"Hey, guys! Where's Tess and Courtney?" Kyle asked.
He and his dad had just returned and Kyle wanted to see his friends.
"You'd never believe us if we told you." Maria told him.
"It's a long story." Michael added with a smirk. Kyle looked at the
other six. Max was holding Liz, Maria was on Michael's lap, and Isabel's
head was rested comfortably on Alex's shoulder.
"I guess everything turned out the way it's supposed to after all."
Kyle said. He was still slightly confused, but he was more than happy to
have his room back again now that the hussy was gone.
"That it did, Kyle. That it did..." Maria said happily.