Crashed in Roswell
Are you obsessed by Roswell???

Are you obsessed by Roswell???

You are obsessed when...

... you video every single episode.

... you watch a new episode 2 or 3 times cause you can't wait until next week.
... you write fanfic.
... you make your own Roswell-fanpage, although you don't even know how (like me ;-) )
... you read every news about Roswell like others "Harry Potter"
... you call every actor of the show with his first name although you've never met them in person.
... you stay at home from holidays, cause you don't want to miss just one episode. 
... you whisper "Max" while making out with your boyfriend.
... you are disappointed, when you don't get visions while kissing your boyfriend.
... you put lots of Tabasco sauce on your chocolate-birthday cake.
...all your friends wonder, that you're always wearing exactly the same clothes as your favourite character of the show.
...there are Roswell posters all over your room. spend nights on looking for the V-constellation on the sky. dream about Roswell. make scrap books of Roswell. play minigolf and it reminds you of Roswell. have an urge to watch Roswell. are grounded for watching TV but you sneak it.
...You cried when Max saw Liz with Kyle. cry at the last episode every time you see it.
...there are pics of the cast in your purse instead of photos of
your friends. read this, hoping to find something that doesn't apply to you.
... you've spent your last holidays in Roswell, New Mexico, looking for the Crashdown, Liz, Max and Co. and you were disappointed, cuz you haven't met them. go to the next esoteric-shop and buy all the aroma oils they have. went to Vasquez rocks looking for the pod chamber.
...Covina is like your Mekka.
...Melinda Metz is like God for you.'ve a secret shrine in your room, dedicated to Roswell. cried "yes, I will" instead of Liz, when Max asked her to marry him in the last episode. write Liz Parker, instead of your own name in your diary. mourned for Alex, when he died, like you'd have lost one of your friends.
...your friends were worried about you after "Cry your name", cuz you were wearing just black clothes and acting strange. avoid the new girl at school. name your band "The Whits". name your pets by the names of the characters of Roswell (because you can't have the real thing!) order magasines from other countries, because in your country they don't sell those who are writing about Roswell. download all the songs that are played in the series (of course you bought the soundtrack too!) bawled when Future Max was dancing with Liz on her balcony, and then he disappeared, ceased to exist, because Liz had Max fall out of love with her.
... you own every Roswell book to date and you have read each one at least 10 times. eat tabasco drenched kreulers like Roswell High Michael. are in a Roswell fan club in school.'re founder and president of said club. watch every movie or show with a cast member in it. wish you lived in Roswell, New Mexico. hear the name Maria, you get the image of Maria screaming and running out of the Crashdown. spend all your time on the internet looking up Roswell sites. decide to move to Roswell. can say every line each character says from each episode without having to memorize them!!
Do you know any other symptoms of Roswell-obsession???