Crashed in Roswell
Up to the Challenge Part 2

The next day, airport.

A blonde woman is anxiously pacing. "Soph, calm down," her companion says.

"Peter, what if I'm not what she's expecting?" Sophie asks.

"Sophie, she's your niece, and from what you've told me I think it will be
fine. You have nothing to worry about." Peter responds.

"Is it O.K. if I place her with the Cliff girls? I think she will fit in
best with them. Plus I can be close that way." Sophie asks.

"I don't see a problem with that, whatever you think is fine. Look the plane
is here." Peter says, pointing Sophie's attention towards the large windows.

After a few moments the plane begins to unload and a willowy blond exits the
plane. "Aunt Sophie!" Maria yells as she runs towards Sophie and Peter.

"Look at you! You are beautiful, you remind me of your mom. How is she? Was
the flight O.K.? Oh, Maria meet Peter Scarbrow, my fiancee." Sophie says,
bubbling over with excitement.

"Nice to meet you Peter. I've heard alot about you recently. Mom's good,
still paranoid about me being 'out of control' were her exact words I
believe. So she and I have some major trust issues going on, but hopefully
by the time I get back, she'll have forgotten. As for the flight, it was
O.K.. I had to leave so early and last night was not good, so I slept
through most of it." Maria answers, in rapid-fire mode.

"Well we are going to head back to Horizon now, where we will check your
stuff, sorry school policy, and then get you settled in. You'll be with the
Cliffhanger girls and we will get one of them to come show you around."
Sophie explains.

"I was thinking Juliette would be a good one for orientation, what do you
think?" Peter asks Sophie.

"Juliette would be fine, I was think of Shelby though. With everything
that's gone on I thought she could use a distraction." Sophie replies.

"OK Shelby it is, have to tell her to be on her best behavior though. She
hasn't been too civil lately." Peter answers.

They go and get Maria's luggage and head for the school. The rest of the
trip is full of talk of the missed time and wedding plans.

A few hours later at the school.

Shelby, there is someone I'd like you to meet. This is Maria DeLuca, she's
gonna be with the Cliff girls for awhile. Maria meet Shelby, she's your
first week buddy, basically she is going to show you around the school and
introduce you to the rest of your group." Peter says.

"Peter, can't you assign someone else? Someone better suited? Because I
gotta say I am really not up to this right now." Shelby complains.

"Shel, I want you to show her around, so play nice." Peter says as the
Shelby storms out of the room, with Maria in tow.

After a tour of the campus they make their way to the dining room, where
Shelby instructs Maria to grab a tray and go through the line. They get
their food and Shelby leads Maria to meet the rest of the Cliffhangers.

"Be warned you'll probably get the usual barrage of questions, who are you,
why are you here, etc. Everyone, this is Maria, you can introduce
yourselves." Shelby says dismally.

"Gee Shel, you could attempt to be polite. I'm Auggie." the hispanic young
man says.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Ezra." the wiry dark haired boy says.

"I'm Juliette, don't let Shelby's attitude scare you away, we're a pretty
friendly bunch." the thin, brunette next to Auggie says.

"Well, I'm not afraid to ask the big questions, first off I'm David, and
second, what did you do to wind up here?" the brooding boy in the back says.

"Give her a break David, let her settle in before asking the big questions."
Another voice from the end of the table says.

"Well I don't mind telling why I'm here. Basically, my mother thinks I'm out
of control and needed time away from things for the summer. She seems to
think my friends are a bad influence just because I didn't come home a few
nights. Even though the sheriff attempted to cover for me, she just doesn't
trust me." Maria explains.

"How'd you manage to land here just for the summer?" Ezra asks.

"Sophie is my aunt, I hadn't seen her in three years so I came for the
wedding." Maria says.

"So why'd you stay out all night?" Ezra asks.

"You are just full of questions aren't you? Well, there was the whole, me
and my friends were just trying to save the world from killer FBI agents and
aliens. Oh and lets not forget the whole I was in love with a guy with his
own apartment. That didn't't sit well with good old mom considering she
found said love in my bed one morning." Maria replies, rather flippantly. at
least that is all true... she thinks to herself. "Of course, I gotta say I'd
rather be here then back in Roswell, too many memories." Maria tells them.

"Don't I know what you mean." Shelby says as she abruptly leaves the table.

"I really need to go after her, but are you really from Roswell?" The girl
from the other end of the table says.

"Yep, born and raised. Why?" Maria answers.

"I'm Daisy, and have I got a story for you, but i have to go check on
Shelby. So I will catch up with you later." Daisy says hurriedly.

"So what's so rough about Roswell? Why are you so happy to be here?"
Juliette asks.

"Nothing, like I said. Too many bad memories, like my boyfriend suddenly
leaving me, but not before he broke my heart by telling me he was in love
with me. Then proceeding to haunt my house, my friends houses, just to catch
a glimpse at me, I told him off last night. I thought it would make me feel
better, but of course it just got me all riled up again, and didn't solve
anything. Why am I sitting her telling my life story to a bunch of complete
strangers?" Maria asks, after she realizes she's been babbling.

"It's the curse of Horizon, wait until you get to group. Warm and fuzzy
therapy, you'll just love it." David says sarcastically.

"Ignore him, he tends to exaggerate." Auggie advises.