Crashed in Roswell
Beyond Friendship Part 2

Title: "Beyond Friendship"
Author: Barbara
Part Finished: Part 2 of ? INCOMPLETE!!
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of the characters associated with the
Summary: Will Michael and Liz go beyond friendship?? What does it mean for
Michael and Maria and Liz and Max?!?!
Category: UC Michael & Liz. Maria & Max. May be CC later~

"Maria, calm down. I was out!" Liz explained.

"You were out? Is that ALL you have to say? Liz, I called nine times! Your
parents are at your Aunt's house. They won't be home until tomorrow. I called
them there an hour ago and covered for you! Were you with Max?" Maria
questioned in a rush.

"No, I wasn't with Max. Thank you for covering for me, but I was just out
with Michael."

"Michael? Guerin??"

"Yes, Maria! After YOU cancelled on him, we just decided to go out and drown
our sorrows." Liz explained.

"So, what, you and my ex bonded? Jeez, Liz, you could have called or

"Michael and I are friends, Maria. Besides, I was perfectly safe where I was,
and I wasn't expecting you to come here and camp out here in my room." Liz
gave her a pointed look, and Maria rolled her eyes.

"Come on, Lizzie! I was just worried about you. So, what did you and the ex
do that took until one thirty in the morning?" Maria asked.

"We went dancing at the new club." Liz told her best friend.

"Dancing? Michael? Club? Hello, are we still on planet Earth? Michael doesn't
know how to dance."

"I think you've underestimated him. Maybe he couldn't do the kind of dancing
that schools do, but trust me, he can hold his own out there. He's a total
blast to hang out with!"

"You're joking, right? Michael Guerin does not know the first thing about
fun, Liz."

"Yes, he does. Maria, I'm serious here. He was like a totally different
person tonight, and so was I."

"Wait a minute. The closest club is Alien Dome, Liz."

"So what?"

"So, you have to be twenty-one to get in, and you're both eighteen years

"Exactly." Liz smiled widely.

"How the hell did you manage THAT?" Maria asked, completely shocked.

"Easy, I had Michael make us two fake ID's."

Maria's jaw dropped. "There is no way! When did this happen? He's corrupted
you! He's, like, channeling Antar or something!" Maria said, outraged.

"Maria, I asked him to do it. The whole thing was my idea, and it was really
great to do."

"Was there a goodnight kiss, too?" Maria joked. She looked at Liz who gave
her a strange look.

"Promise not to kill me?" Liz asked, guiltily.

"Maybe. Did you kiss Michael?" Maria asked, completely serious.

"I went to kiss him on the cheek, but I missed. It was a quick peck, and he
was totally nice about it when I apologized. It wasn't, like, planned or

"Does this mean I get to peck Max, too?" Maria laughed.

"Ah, go ahead." Liz laughed, too.

"So, it wasn't like, full-on making out, right?" Maria asked cautiously.

"Nope. Quick peck. Sorta like you kiss someone, but just barely. It was like
'muah' and then, I jerked back. So, tell me about your gig?"

"Well, Jim said he'd be honored to have me sing with them. Apparently, I draw
quite the audience!" Maria smiled.

"That's great!" Liz hugged her best friend.


"Do you mind me hanging out with Michael?" Liz asked her seriously.

"Nah, it'll be good for you two."

Liz told her what happened with the whole Max thing. Maria's response was,
"Just wait it out. Either that, or tell him to zap himself away." That led
to a humorous conversation about 'If Aliens Could Zap,' and then, they fell
asleep. Liz lay in her bed with Maria on the floor in a sleeping bag. She
replayed the night's events in her head, and thought about the kiss. She
silently laughed at how funny it had been, and how nice Michael was about it.
Then, she let herself think about Max and how he would never like any of
those clubs. She decided that she would take him there as soon as he got
back. She would try to work through everything with him.

Across town, Michael was also thinking about that night, and he smirked when
he remembered the accidental kiss that occurred. His thoughts drifted back
to Maria and how much he would have loved for her to be like that with him if
they were still together. He also thought to himself that he would keep his
friendship with Liz because good friends were hard to come by. After all, if
every night with her was as much fun as tonight, they would have to stay
friends for that to continue.

The next morning, Michael arrived at the Crashdown. Maria was already there
talking to Liz on a stool.

"Hey, look who finally decided to show up." Maria joked.

"Hey, Michael. You sleep off all of those dancing pains?" Liz asked him with
a warm smile.

"Yup." He responded tiredly.

Maria followed him as he walked into the back room.

"Michael, about last night‚¶"

"What about it?" He snapped.

"Well, aren't you gonna ask how it went?"

"No." He said flippantly.

"Well, it was really great. Jim said‚¶"

"Look, I'm happy this is all working out for you, but we're not together
anymore. I think we should just stay away from each other for a while."

"I thought we were still friends?" Maria asked with a disappointed look.

"Yeah, well, I think we should just give it a rest for a while. I'd rather us
not be around each other for a while then to be around each other and fight."


"We're friends, but the only way I'm not gonna stay mad at you is if we
maintain distance. You wanted to break-up and go off, so, do it!" Michael
turned his back to her and began cooking the breakfast specialties.

Maria walked back to the front to take some orders.

"So, you bitched her out because you're having a bad morning?" Liz asked him,
a little upset with the morning's turn of events thus far.

"Don't start, Liz."

"I'm not Maria, Michael. I won't just go away because you tell me to! What
happened?" Liz asked him.

"She made a huge deal about us going out and spending time together, and
then, she ditches me the second something better comes along. I'm not some
expert or whatever, but friends don't do that to each other. I just‚¶it's
better for both of us if she just does what she said she wanted to do."

"Okay, so, how do you plan on not thinking about this? I know it's eating you
up inside because you're doing this for her more than for yourself, Michael."
Liz looked at him, and he didn't want to lie to her.

"So what if I am? She needs to do this for her, and I get that I guess. So,
how about tonight you and I go back to the club?" Michael gave her a pained
expression, and she couldn't say no.

"You got it."

They continued their shifts without another word spoken about him and Maria.
The only time Michael and Maria spoke to one another was when she gave him
and order and picked one up in return. Liz and Maria talked about everything
but the real subject. After work, Maria took off to go find Jim about
another gig. Liz and Michael repeated the same routine as last night. An
hour later, he showed up wearing a Metallica T-shirt and jeans. Liz wore a
short black dress with knee high boots to match.

"Do your parents know you own any of these clothes?" Michael asked, too
shocked to say anything else.

"Yup! They don't care, and neither should you. Come on!" Liz laughed at
Michael's shocked expression. He started the car, and they got there within
a half hour.

This time, Michael stepped onto the dance floor immediately, and he and Liz
danced together once more.

"I'm gonna get a drink! You want?" Michael asked her.

"Um, sure, thanks."

Michael took off towards the bar. A young kid was giving out drinks, and for
tonight, Michael decided his motto would be: THE HELL WITH CAUTION! Michael
gulped down the liquid in the shot glass, and grabbed one for Liz.

"All right man! Right on!" The kid said.

"Save me some of those!" Michael told him.

"No problemo!"

Michael walked back on the dance floor, and saw Liz dancing with some guy who
was in his twenties. The drink was already in effect in his system.

"Hey! Thas my best friends gurl!" He slurred.

Liz walked away from the other guy who found some short blonde.

"Michael, are you drunk?"

"Liz, I had one drink! No biggie!" Michael smiled. He handed her the drink.

"What? Michael, are you insane?" Liz asked, worried out of her mind.

"No, no! Here! I'll show you! I've seen it on TV. Watch!" Michael tugged
Liz's hand, and pulled her over to the bar to sit on a stool.

"Michael, what are you doing?" She had to admit, she was really intrigued by
this new side of Michael.

"This!" Michael bent Liz's head so that her neck licked Liz's neck. He
grabbed the salt, and put a little on her neck. He licked her neck again,
gulped down her drink, and then, bit into a piece of lime that was on the
side of the shot glass. Liz looked at him in shock, and he smiled again.

"Michael, you can't drink, and you know it!"

"Liz, come on! We're different people. Come on, let's have some fun. Just
think, this will be something we can look back at and laugh about later on.
Please?" Michael gave her an innocent look, and she couldn't help but obey.

"Fine. I'll take two shots of whiskey." Liz told the bartender.

"No problem." The bartender poured out the two drinks, and placed them in
front of Liz.

"My turn!"

Liz, who was still completely sober, copied Michael's actions. She tilted
his neck to the side, licked him slowly, took a swig of her drink, and then,
bit into the lime. She did this a second time.

"Come on! lets dance!" Michael pulled Liz up off the stool.

Being so small, the liquor took effect in Liz a short while later. Liz
rubbed up against Michael. She pushed her hips up against his, and he copied
her moves. Liz took a swig of a drink from a guy who was passing them out on
a platter. Michael laughed, but he was too drunk to think about stopping
Liz wrapped her arms around his waist. She let her hands drop to his butt,
and pulled him even closer. There were couples that were going into the
back, and were making out. Michael and Liz kept dancing together. Michael
and Liz started grinding on the dance floor like many of the other couples on
the dance floor. Michael's lips brushed against Liz's neck, and she pulled
him closer.

"Michael, we shouldn't be doing this."

"No, but we are. I'm not with Maria, and Max slept with Tess. It's only
natural, Liz. All I could think about was hot hot you look in that dress and
those boots."

"I thought about last night, and when I kissed you. The strange thing is, I
didn't hate it."

"Yeah, me neither. Do you wanna go in the back? What happens at the club,
stays at the club."


Liz and Michael walked into the back room. There was a black leather couch
that wasn't occupied by anyone. Other couples were making out, but they were
all fully clothed. Liz sat on the couch, and Michael sat down next to her.
Michael placed his hand on Liz's knee, and traced circles around her kneecap
slowly. Liz gently nibbled on his earlobe. Michael turned his head, and
kissed her slowly. Liz lay on the couch, and pulled him on top of her. Liz
thrust her tongue into his mouth, and kissed him hard. With Max, everything
was so slow, but with Michael, she was free. Michael rubbed her leg as he
kissed her just as passionately. Liz moved her fingers under his shirt and
ran her fingers up his back, feeling his smooth skin. Michael kissed her
neck, and as her nails dug lightly into his skin. Michael placed his knee
between her legs carefully so that he could balance himself. Liz wrapped her
leg around his, and brought his lips back to hers. His tongue explored her
mouth in a heart-wrenching kiss that set them both on fire. Two hours later,
Michael was sobering up. He had Liz were still making out heavily. Liz
lifted his shirt above his head, and pulled him back down to her. She led a
trail of kisses from his neck down his chest. Michael groped her softly
through the thin material of her dress. Michael was completely sober now.
Liz was just about there too because she hadn't consumed much alcohol to
begin with. Liz looked up at Michael who looked back at her.

"I think we should go." Michael told her. He pulled on his shirt, and got
off of Liz.

"Um...yeah, we should." Liz stood up and smoothed down her dress.

She was still a little woozy. Michael knew it was useless to even attempt to
reason this one, so, he picked her up and carried her out to the car. Being
completely sober, Michael drove her home. Liz looked up at him, and looked

"Uh..." Michael started.

"Not tonight. You're still a little smashed, and I'm not thinking straight
right now. Lets about this some other time." Michael told her

Liz nodded, and got out of the car. She walked up to her room. Maria wasn't
there tonight, and for that, Liz was grateful. That night, she fell asleep
feeling more confused than ever.

The next morning, Liz went downstairs to begin her shift. Michael was
already downstairs at work.

"Hey." He said casually.

"Hi, Maria here yet?" Liz asked, unsure how to act around him.

"Nope, not yet." Michael didn't look up from the grill.

"Michael, we really need to talk about everything."

"Okay, so, talk."

"Not here! I'm‚¶well, I'm still with Max, and he's your best friend."

"Yeah, I know." Michael said, looking down.

"I just think that we should‚¶I dunno‚¶"

"Forget it ever happened?"

"Is that what you want?" Liz asked him.

"Is that what YOU want?" He countered.

"I don't know."

"Don't know what?" Maria asked, coming into the back.

"Don't know what the stupid special is. It makes it hard on me if you two
don't keep things in order." Michael said, quickly coming up with a cover-up.

"Oh, well, Michael, just chill. I'm sure Liz had stuff to do last night."
Maria realized the room went dead silent.

"Um‚¶yeah, Maria's right, Michael." Liz said, quickly regaining her composure.

"Fine, take her side." Michael needed to be himself or Maria would know that
something wasn't right.

"Um‚¶Maria‚¶we have to talk." Liz told her. Michael looked up at Liz,
knowingly. With Maria's back facing both of them, Liz mouthed the words, 'I
have to tell her!' Michael nodded, knowing what had to be done.

"Okay, when?" Maria asked.

"Now? Um‚¶Michael, you should stay here for this one." Liz told him.

"Uh‚¶Liz‚¶" Michael stammered.

"Michael, stay!" Liz ordered firmly.

"What's going on?" Maria asked, cautiously.

"Something happened that you should know about."

"Like what?" Maria asked, confused.

"I got really drunk last night, Maria, and I didn't think to stop Michael
from drinking, either."

"You got drunk? What the hell is wrong with you?!?!" Maria asked the alien

"Wait, Maria, there's more. Michael and I were really drunk, and confused,
and we were dancing." Liz explained.

"Okay, so what? Liz, just tell me."

"Things went a little‚¶far." Michael told her.

"How far?" Maria asked just above a whisper.

"Not THAT far, but we were both so drunk, and we just started‚¶making out."
Liz whispered the last part, but Maria heard her loud and clear.

"You were drunk, and you two started making out, so that makes everything
okay? I mean, yeah, Michael and I aren't together, but Liz! We've talked
about certain things, okay? What about Max? Did you two completely forget
about him? No, you know what? I really just don't care. I'm going home."
Maria stood up, and started to walk out the door.

"Maria, wait! We never wanted this to happen, it just‚¶happened!" Liz told

"So, what, Max screws you over so you decide to screw him over by making out
with his best friend? God, Liz! I used to respect you. I used to think that
you were better than that, but you're just like Max! You did to me what he
did to you! How the hell am I supposed to just deal with all of this? After
everything that's happened, you two turn around and do THIS? I don't think
so." Maria left the Crashdown upset.

Michael and Liz didn't speak the rest of the day. Max still hadn't called
like he had promised, but Liz wasn't even that mad. She knew that Maria was
right in so many ways, but there was nothing left to do or say. Liz refused
to let herself even think about what had happened at the club with Michael.
It had all happened so fast, and yet, she had‚¶well, she had loved every
minute of it. They were both drunk, though. Michael wasn't sure what to do.
They had to tell Max tomorrow when he came home. He was about to lose his
best friend over a girl that he had never even thought about in any other way
than his best friend's girl. Liz, Michael, and Maria stayed up the whole
night in there respective houses. The next morning, Max came home, and
stopped off at Liz's balcony.

"I'm sorry I didn't call, I‚¶" Max started as soon as she came outside.

"No, Max, don't apologize. We need to talk." Liz told him.

"About what?" Max asked concerned.

"Michael is coming over. I told him you were here."

"Okay, but what does Michael have to do with any of this?" Max asked,

"Please, Max, just listen." Liz told him. Michael climbed up the balcony,
and stood all the way on the other side. Liz and Michael explained
everything the way they had to Maria. Max just sat there.

"Max, I am so sorry. It was never supposed to happen!" Liz told him.

"You were both drunk? Since when did either of you start drinking and going
to clubs?" Max asked, confused, hurt, and angry.

"After you left, Michael and Maria were having some problems, and I suggested
to him that we should go out. The first night, I accidentally kissed him, but
it was a quick peck. You can ask Maria about that if you want to, Max. A
couple of nights ago, it wasn't planned, but it happened, Max."

"How far did you get?" Max asked.

"Just about second." Michael answered honestly.

"Just about second? Well, that makes it all better, doesn't it?" Max asked

"We are both so sorry, Max. It was never supposed to happen like this." Liz
told him.

"Max, I didn't plan this to happen. I was upset over Maria, and I took a
drink from this guy who was passing them around." Michael told him.

"You were both drunk, and things went too far. I need to think. I'll see you
both later." Max got up and left.

Pure jealous rage led Max over to Maria's. She opened the door and noted the
look on his face mirrored her own. Maria let him come in. As if reading
each other's minds, Max and Maria came together in a fiery kiss. Maria
unbuttoned Max's shirt, and kicked the front door closed. Max followed her
lead and removed her thin tank top. He kissed her hard, and thrust his
tongue deep into her mouth exploring every crevice. Maria wrapped her legs
around his waist as she pulled him on top of her. They kissed each other
passionately with a pent up desire that they had been feeling the second
their lips had touched. Max groped Maria, and she let out a moan of
pleasure. Maria slid Max's shirt off his shoulders, and pulled him even
closer. Their tongues brushed against each other as they deepened their
kisses. Mid-kiss they both stopped. Max looked at Maria, and she looked
back at him. Max removed Maria's shirt, and kissed the skin showing above
her bra. Maria kissed Max hard and deep as her hands explored his skin. His
muscles were lean and hard.

"Wait." Max said, sitting up.

"Yeah, I know." Maria whispered, starting to put her shirt back on. She
handed Max his shirt off the floor and he put it on.

Max put his head in his hands. He rubbed his eyes, and breathed deeply.
Maria started to cry, and he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.

"I just after everything that's happened, I never thought he would do
something like this. Liz is my best friend, and I know Michael and I aren't
together, but I still...I mean..." Maria said between sobs.

"I know, I know." Max told her comfortingly.

"It's just so messed up. Everything has fallen apart ever since Alex died."

To Be Continued Soon....