Crashed in Roswell
Up To The Challenge Part 3

Up To The Challenge, Chapter 3
Roswell/Higher Ground Crossover
By: rory (Jelena)


Later in the Cliff girls dorm. Maria is unpacking, Daisy is helping her, and
Shelby is laying face-down on her bed.

"So what's Shelby's problem?" Maria asks softly.

"It's the SBS, Scott Barringer Syndrome, he left a few weeks ago, right
after telling her he loved her." Daisy whispers back.

"Seems to be an abundance of that going around these days." Maria mumbles
under her breathe.

"What's this? It doesn't seem to be your style." Daisy asks, as she pulls a
red bandana out of the suitcase.

"How did that get in there? I so did not put that there. See if there is
anything else in there, I can't believe that he would go to all that trouble
just for that, it was just to get my attention." Maria says, suddenly very

"O.K. Your attitude just did a 180, who or what caused this and how can we
get some for Shelby. I feel something, its an envelope. Daisy says, as she
pulls a large, flat, manilla envelope out of the suitcase. It simply says,
MARIA on it.

'Wow, even written he can make my name seem regal.' Maria thinks to herself.

"Well aren't you going to open it? Not that I understand how a ratty bandana
and an envelope warrant this excitement." Daisy says, extending her hand
with the envelope in it.

"Its not just any bandana its his bandana. I wonder when he slipped that
into my suitcase. It must have been after I went to bed last night. I'm so
gonna have to ream him for his breaking and entering habit, but it shows he
knew he hurt me last night. Maybe there is hope for my spaceboy yet." Maria

"You still didn't answer my question, are you going to open it?" Daisy asks,
obviously curious about the contents of the mysterious envelope.

"What if it's a kiss-off, I don't think I could handle that." Maria suddenly
reverting to the emotional basket case of the previous night.

"Oh no, I refuse to be around 2 love sick people, at least one of you has to
snap out of it. And since Shelby has been this way for ages, I'm going to
leave her alone. Maria, you however have shown that you can lapse out of it.
Just open the envelope, worst case senerio, its a kiss-off, but did he or
did he not dump you. So what have you got to lose? Now open it!" Daisy

"I'd open it if I were you, she can be pretty mean." Shelby murmers.

"Oh, you've decided to talk now? I've had it with you, get over it or I'll
sic Juliette on you." Daisy says with a chuckle.

"Fine I'm opening it, but if It's what I think it is, I'll kill you..."
Maria trails off.

"What is it?" Shelby asks, her curiousity piqued.

"It's me." Maria manages to get out, before she is again absorbed in the
creamy paper.

Daisy and Shelby come and look over Maria's shoulder at the picture.

The paper in Maria's trembling hands is a portrait of a young girl not much
older then seven or eight. The little girl has tears in her eyes, and a
spotted dalmation at her feet.

"I can't believe he remembered. Everything is an exact match of before,
except the car in the driveway isn't pulling away it's pulling in. He's
trying to give me what I always wanted but never got. I have to call him, I
have to make things right. I need to know what all this means." Maria says
emotionally as she exits the dorm, leaving the portrait on the bed.

"Ok Shel, now it's your turn, I'm worried about you. You barely eat or
sleep. You need to move on, or at least try and move on even if it is for
five minutes at a time. This isn't healthy, do you think Scott is doing this
to himself? Unless this is all a ploy to get him to come back, make yourself
so sick, he doesn't have a choice. Is that how this works? Well what happens
when it kills you? You know what? I don't care anymore, stay here and mope,
I have tried for weeks to pull you out of this but if you don't care anymore
neither do I." That said Daisy storms out of the room, leaving Shelby to
wallow in her misery.

Switch to phone call Maria to Liz.

"Hey Lizzie, it's your favorite best friend. How are you?" Maria asks

I'm OK, I didn't expect to her from you so soon though. How are you?" Liz

I'm OK too. Actually what I have to ask you is going to sound alittle
strange considering I kicked a certain Czechoslovakian out of my house last
night, but have you seen him? Is he at work? I can't seem to track him down,
and I really need to talk to him." Maria asks.

"What brought this on? Last night if anyone mentioned him ever again I
thought it was going to be too soon, now you are looking for him." Liz

"Long story Liz, having to do with something he managed to slip into my
suitcase. I really need to get ahold of him. By any chance is Isabel there?"
Maria asks careful to avoid bringing up Max or Tess.

"No she isn't here, but I'm supposed to go out with her and Alex later. I
tell her you were looking for her. I suppose you could call her cell or at
Alex's. They are probably together, she and Alex seem to be joined at the
hip these days." Liz rambles.

"Thanks so much Liz, I will try one of those numbers. You know I miss you
right? And if you happen to see Michael tell him, well I don't know what you
should tell him. Just tell him I called, and I need to talk to him, oh and I
am sorry for kicking him out last night." Maria asks her best friend.

"Sure thing. Oh wait I think I see the Jeep, here comes Isabel." Liz tells

At the same moment Liz spoke the words, Maria felt a strange feeling in the
pit of her stomach. Something is very wrong...

"Isabel, Maria is on the phone, she needs to speak to you." Liz says without
looking up at Isabel.

Isabel takes the phone from Liz. "Hey, Maria, what's up?" Isabel says,
attempting to sound cheerful.

"Isabel, have you seen Michael? I was trying to get ahold of him to tell him
something, but I can't seem to reach him. Now I have this dread feeling that
he's in trouble. Do you know anything about that?" Maria asks, concern
evident in her voice.

"Maria, I know you just got there, but if there is anyway you could come
back. I am going to be honest with you. I had a dream, something is going
down and I have no clue what it is, but I think we all need to be together."
Isabel says emotionally.

"Is, I honestly have no clue how I will get back, and unless you can work
some of you magic on my mom I'm sunk. But you didn't answer my question,
have you seen Michael?" Maria answers anxiously.

"Sorry I haven't seen him recently, but I will look for him and tell him you
are looking for him. As for the other I will work on it and see what I can
do." Isabel promises. They say goodbye and disconnect the call.

I feel so bad, I should have told her everything about the dream, about the
traitor among us, which to honest I haven't even figured that part out.
About the girl in the dream. About what I saw for the future. I just hope I
can find a way to get her back here fast.