Crashed in Roswell
Up To The Challenge Part 5

Up To The Challenge, Chapter 5
Roswell/Higher Ground Crossover
By: rory (Jelena)


Disclaimer: As per usual, NOT MINE! Except for Ryan and Sara James and Rebekah, Mackenzie, and Kate. Roswell belongs to Jason Katims and WB and a
bunch of people that aren't me! Higher Ground also isn't mine, I'm not sure who owns it.

Isabel was restless, she felt knew something terrible was about to happen,
but she didn't know what. No matter how hard she tried. Maybe dream walking
would help, maybe Maria would be asleep. Quickly grabbing her yearbook and
thumbing through the pages her eyes settled on Maria's picture. Slowly tracing the picture with her fingertips she begins the trance. Soon she finds
her friend waiting for her. "About time you showed up Isabel, I have news,
but how are things in Roswell? You still have that bad feeling?"

"I still can't shake this feeling, I think more then ever you need to be
here. We need you here, we need the strength that you, Liz, and Alex bring
to our group. Do you have any ideas on how you can get home?" Isabel asks.

"I'm still coming up empty, but that brings me to my news, I found another
alien. A student here named Daisy. I don't know how she fits into the master
plan, but she needs to come to Roswell with me. Its almost like it was fate
that I came here and met her. I need you to trust me about this, she knows
things, she could be the missing piece to this puzzle of who you are and
vice versa to her." Maria says, waiting for the trust no one attitude of
Princess Isabel to rear its ugly head, and is shocked when Isabel doesn't
get angry.

"Maria, I'm going to tell you something I haven't told anyone else, not even
Max. I had a dream last night that frightened me, big time. The dream is
what prompted the bad feelings. In the dream I saw more of us, aliens our
age, that came out of the pods about the same time as us. I only saw one
clearly, a girl, however some how I knew she wasn't the only one. There are
others, I think you may be right and that fate drew you to Horizon. Know we
need to think of how to get you and her here. Does she have any powers?"
Isabel asks.

"Not really, at least that she knows of, do you think you could dream walk
her if I imagined a picture of her here? You need to meet her, maybe then
you two could brainstorm." Maria suggests.

"I've never done it but that doesn't mean anything, let's try it." Isabel
says. They do this and sure enough soon Daisy has joined them in Maria's

"Daisy, this is my friend Isabel, we brought you into this dream plain so we
can talk about how we get the two of us to Roswell." Maria tells the bew
ildered Daisy.

"Too bad we can't just hop from here to there in a dream, would save us from
getting caught that's for sure." Daisy says, once she has adjusted to the
surroundings of the dream.

"Do you ever remember having strange things happen to you as a child, like
moving things with you mind, having things appear just when you thought
about them? Anything bizarre?" Isabel asks.

"I had a horrible childhood, most of which I have repressed. Sorry I can't
be more helpful then that." Daisy replies. Before Isabel or Maria can say
anything further the floor beneath them begins to shake and all three of
them appear in Isabel's bedroom to find Michael and Max along with them. "OK
where am I?" Daisy asks.

"Well let's just say I don't think we need to worry about us getting to
Roswell cause that's where we are. Isabel any ideas how this happened?"
Maria replies.

"Yeah Isabel want to explain?" Michael asks.

"Well I don't know, its never happened before, maybe its because of the fact
that there were 3 of us in the dream and maybe Daisy's powers, whatever they
are, combined with mine did this. By the way Max, Michael this is Daisy
she's another alien." Isabel explains.

"What's she doing here?" Max asks.

"The million dollar question, maybe she's here because its fate, I had a
dream and she was in it and then suddenly I was meeting her in a dream. I
knew right away she was suppose to be here." Isabel says.

"Hang on a second why did the dream end?" Daisy asks.

"We came in here because we needed to talk to Isabel and when I tried to
wake her she wouldn't wake up so Michael joined in in an attempt to wake
her." Max replies.

"There's your answer, 2 aliens in a dream plain 2 aliens outside the dream
plain the four of you somehow combined powers and moved us here. No need to
thank me." Maria explains.

"I suppose that's as plausible answer as any, why don't we get some sleep
tonight and then go see Tess in the morning and see if she can sort all this
out." Max suggests.

"No, we can't tell Tess any of this, I don't know why but I have a bad
feeling about this and I think the only people we can trust are those in this
room right now and Liz and Alex of course. In my dream I could feel some
thing big coming something bad. There are more coming to help us as well.
Others coming with power, that can be controlled. We will know when the time
is right who they are, but I can't shake the feeling that Tess isn't one of
them. So we make a promise here and now we don't tell her." Isabel replies
with conviction.

"Ok Isabel you win, for now. We don't tell Tess, but we are careful. If
something bad is coming we have to be prepared. Isabel you should probably
work with Daisy and see if she has powers. Its probably best for it to be
you since you have better control over an array of powers then Michael or I.
So we will leave you alone. Maria what are you going to do? Are you going
home?" Max asks.

"I can't very well go home because then it will come out that Daisy and I
both disappeared together. Can I stay here? Or with you Michael?" Maria

"Why don't you stay here for tonight we will talk about what to do next in
the morning. Come on Michael." Max says as he leads Michael out the door.

"So those 2 are aliens? They seem so normal. Course so do you, and here I
thought I was normal too. Its a lot to discover in one day." Daisy says, the
gravity of the situation finally sinking in.

"Did Maria tell you how she found out? I thought for awhile we were going to
have to kill her just to keep her from spilling our secret to everyone in
town. Though she has turned out to be a pretty strong member of the team.
Are you tired? If you want we can try and get some sleep and then get up
early and work on the exercises to see what kind of powers you have. My
parents are out of town on a business trip so we won't disturb them." Isabel

"I don't think I will be able to sleep so lets practice, anything we need to
start with?" Daisy replies.

"Oh see if she can do that change color thing, or the cleaning thing." Maria

"I was thinking of starting with locks, that is one power that Max, Michael,
and I all seem to possess. We will start with unlocking the door, try and
visualize the mechanism, now thinking about it sliding out to pop the lock."
Isabel instructs. Maria watches with fascination as her friend concentrates
and then when her hand glows red and a pop is heard, Isabel turns the knob
and the door opens. "You did it, do you know it took Michael like 17 tries
to do that, now try and lock it back up, same thing only in reverse. Imagine
the mechanism sliding back in." Once again the lock slides into place and
the door locks.

"That is amazing, are you sure you didn't do any of this when you were younger?" Maria asks.

"Like I said I repressed a lot of stuff, I might have, but I wouldn't re
member any of it. What else can we try, Maria said something about changing
colors?" Daisy replies.

"I never should have shown Liz how I could change the color of nail polish."
Isabel says with a giggle. They continue to do this kind of thing until
almost dawn when the three girls fall asleep.

Somewhere else in Roswell.

"Mom, why are you punishing me? I can't share a room with the brat, I'll
kill her. Please tell me there is another solution." Mackenzie James yells.

"Mac, we went over this, your aunt and cousin need to stay with us for while
and I need a place for them to sleep and to store their stuff. Besides it
should only be for the summer at most. You know things have been hard for
your Aunt Sara since your uncle died. Besides hadn't you been talking about
getting a summer job anyways, if you do then you are going to be so busy you
will barely notice. How about this I'll make you a deal, you get a job, if
things get too stressful after you have given sharing a room with Kate a
fair chance. I will move her into my room for the duration of the summer. Is
it a deal?" Rebekah James asks.

"OK, I will try. When did you say Ryan will be here?" Mac asks.

"They should be here sometime tonight. Why?" Rebekah replies.

"I figured if I'm getting a job, maybe Ryan would like to get one too, we
could go job hunting together." Mac answers.

"Well you'll have to ask him, but I think he'd like that, since he hasn't
lived here since he was in second grade he doesn't know anybody. Any place
you are thinking of?" Rebekah asks.

"I thought about maybe the Crashdown, I know they are down at least one
server for the summer, so I thought maybe they'd hire me." Mac suggests.

"Sounds like you have a plan, and it's nice of you to include you cousin. I
want you to try and include him and make him feel like he's home. Now can
you help me clear out your room, I'd really like to have it ready before
your aunt gets here." Rebekah replies. Mac then goes to help her mother get
the house ready.