Crashed in Roswell
Moments in Time
Here are some of my favourite Max&Liz moments and quotes:

I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness.
For the first time I was really seeing Max Evans, I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful. - Liz, Pilot

LIZ: So when you healed me you risked all of this getting out didn't you?
MAX: Yeah.
LIZ: Why??
MAX: It was you.
- Pilot

"Now my life is in your hands."
Max, Pilot

MAX: Hey.
LIZ: Hey.
[Max walks up and pushes a stray piece of hair behind her ear]
LIZ: Oh.
MAX: You had a, uh....
LIZ: Hair thing, right. Thanks.
MAX: Sure. Liz, it's not safe.
I mean, for you and , and me's not safe.
LIZ: I don't care.
MAX: Liz I really, really wish that this could be
something, you know, more. But it can't. We're just...
LIZ: Different.
MAX: Yeah.
MAX: I'll see ya at school.
LIZ: Max??
LIZ: I never got to thank you, for saving my life.
MAX: Thank you.
- Pilot

MAX: I'll just have an Alien Blast.
LIZ: Me, too.
MAX: Excuse me?
LIZ: Nothing...ok, one Alien Blast.
- Leaving normal

LIZ: So I've been thinking about why I called you, you know, that day from the hospital.
Because I knew it was against the rules and it led to that whole awkward moment. But, I called anyway.
Sort of couldn't help it. Because when something like this happens, what's happening to my grandmother, you don't listen to logic to what you're supposed to do.
You listen to your heart, and my heart told me to call you. Because you were the one person in the world that I really wanted to talk to.
Max, I've been thinking something, and I'm really not going to be able to get it out of my head unless I just say it.
I'm really sorry for asking you this, but is there, is there anything that you could do for my grandmother, you know, do?
MAX: Liz, when I saved you, it was because you were shot, and there was a bullet in you. Something was happening to you that wasn't supposed to
happen. It was before your time. But I can't just heal people. I'm not God.
LIZ: I know.
-Leaving normal

LIZ: Uh...look, Max, now that this is all over and everything, I feel I owe you an explanation to why I wrote those things.
MAX: No, you don't.
LIZ: No...I know you think that I was foolish, you know, to write about that day and you and everything. What I wrote in my journal, it didn't really have anything to do with science. Um...that day that you saved me, I felt something that I just had to put into years from now, if anyone
ever...if anyone ever touches me the way that you did, I'll know what it's supposed to feel like.
MAX: So, can I see it? What you wrote?
LIZ: Oh...yeah, I don't...I don't think that's a good idea.
MAX: No?
LIZ: No.
MAX: Why? Because if I read what you wrote in your journal, I realize how you really see me.
LIZ: Exactly.
- Missing

(Max is looking for Liz and finds her in the bio lab)
MAX: Hey.
LIZ: Hey, what's up? I'm just trying to get these stupid slugs to mate. Ah,
come on! Won't you guys just do it?
MAX: Maybe one of 'em's gay.
LIZ: Max, you know when you said before that we couldn't be together? That
we were different? I just sort of accepted it, you know? Because I thought
that it was like physically impossible. That it...that it couldn't be. But
when I saw Maria with Michael...the truth is that...I was hurt, Max. Why is
it ok for them, but it's not ok for us?
MAX: Liz, I think that what I'm afraid of isn't that we try this and it
works out really badly. What I'm afraid of is we try it and it works out
really well. I'm afraid of feeling everything that I know I would feel.
Because I know it's not meant to be. And somewhere down the line, we're
gonna get hurt. I can live with that. I just couldn't bear to hurt you.
LIZ: But that's not your decision, is it?
MAX: I guess not.
BIO TEACHER: Hey, Liz. How are you doing on your mating ritual?
LIZ: I was doing just fine.
- Heat Wave

MAX: Hi.
LIZ: Hi.
MAX: Can I come up?
LIZ: Yeah, sure.
(Max climbs up the ladder very quickly)
LIZ: Very impressive.
MAX: I try.
LIZ: You really can't stay long.
MAX: I know. I just wanted to tell you that I've been thinking a lot about last night.
LIZ: Yeah, me, too.
MAX: When I saw Valenti taking you away like just hit home for me, you know? How much knowing me has screwed up your life.
LIZ: No, it's just the opposite.
MAX: Thank you for saying that.
LIZ: It's the whole truth, Max.
MAX: I better go.
LIZ: Why?
MAX: Cuz if I don't go right now, things are gonna change.
LIZ: Change, how?
MAX: I'm gonna have to touch your hair...cuz it's so soft...and I'd have to tell you matter what we go through, it's all worthwhile for me because we're together.
LIZ: And then?
MAX: And then...I'd have to do this...
(Max gives Liz a light kiss)
(Scene fades out as Liz and Max share a long, passionate kiss)
- Heat Wave

LIZ: Ok, this is my favorite part. It says, "this is the best night of your life."
MAX: Is that really what it says?
LIZ: Well, it's better than "a broken clock is still right twice a day."
MAX: You're right. I like yours better.
LIZ: Ok, let me see yours.
MAX: "Ask a girl to dance with you."
LIZ: Is that really what it says?
MAX: It depends on your answer.
LIZ: Yes.
MAX: Then that's really what it says.
LIZ: Ok.
(Max and Liz start dancing)
LIZ: My parents are away for the weekend. They're at a stargazing camp-out.
Something about Venus being in the morning sky.
MAX: I thought she was right in front of me.
- Balance

MAX: Is this a bad time?
LIZ: No, it's not. Hi.
MAX: Just wanted to see how you were doing.
LIZ: I'm fine. Yeah,'s Michael?
MAX: Same as ever.
LIZ: That's really good.
MAX: But I'm not, Liz.
LIZ: What do you mean?
MAX: I mean one day it will be me, and I can't keep pretending that I'm
LIZ: Max, know, I didn't...I didn't mean to have doubts. I
didn't...I didn't mean to let you down in the cave.
MAX: I don't blame you. You had every right to feel that way, because what
you felt is true. We don't belong together.
LIZ: Don't say that.
MAX: The other night, you know, when we went out...and the whole day
before...ever since we kissed...I've been off balance. You made me forget
that anything else existed, but that's not real.
LIZ: It is the only real thing that I've ever felt.
MAX: Sometimes you have to take a step back to see what's really going on.
Maybe that's what we both really need to do right now...find our balance
LIZ: You know, Max, I thought that...I thought that we'd found it.
MAX: You don't know how much I wish that could be true.
LIZ: is it possible that I could be...I could be the happiest that
I've ever been in my entire know, and now the saddest all
at...all at one time?
MAX: I think that's what being in love is.
LIZ: Yeah, I think so, too.
MAX: So we'll just take a step back...for a while.
LIZ: Well, know, if that's what...if that's what you want, I...
MAX: It's what I need...cuz I'm just as scared as you are.
(Max starts climbing down the ladder)
LIZ: No, wait, Max.
(Liz kisses Max)
LIZ: I just remember.
MAX: Good-bye, Liz.
(Max climbs down the ladder)
LIZ: Good-bye, Max.
- Balance

MAX: Let's just keep running, you and me, away from here, away from
everything. I see everything so clearly now. We'll go someplace where no one
knows us. As long as we're together, nothing else matters.
LIZ: You're drunk. Nothing that you're saying is true.
MAX: It's all true, Liz. It's how I really feel. It's all just magic when I
think about you.
(Max touches a lamp post and causes the light to shine in a pattern)
LIZ: Max, turn it off. Anyone can see.
MAX: And when I'm not with you...I go crazy.
(Max touches a car and the car alarm goes off)
LIZ: Max.
MAX: When you're here...
LIZ: Oh, Max. Please.
MAX: You're my dream girl, Liz.
LIZ: And what if I believe you tonight?
MAX: Then we live happily ever after.
LIZ: And then what about tomorrow...when you go back to realizing who you
really are, and all of your fantasies go away.
MAX: I'll still have you.
LIZ: This can never be normal, Max.
MAX: What's so great about normal?
-Blind date

MAX: Hey.
LIZ: Hey.
MAX: I hope this isn't my fault.
LIZ: Why would this be your fault?
MAX: If I startled you.
LIZ: No. You know, I always knock over strawberries this time of day.
Always. I'm just gonna go get more berries from...
MAX: Well, wait. Here's another one.
(Liz goes into the kitchen area and Max follows her)
LIZ: What are you doin' here, Max?
MAX: Well, I have orders from my planet to take over the Earth.
LIZ: Besides that.
MAX: I want to make sure we can still be friends.
LIZ: Yeah. I mean, we are.
MAX: Good.
LIZ: Why wouldn't we be?
MAX: We really haven't been able to talk since...that night.
LIZ: Max, people do a lot of dumb things when they're drunk. Anyway, I
MAX: And we're friends?
LIZ: Yeah. We're friends.
MAX: Just friends?
LIZ: Yeah. We're just friends.
(Liz turns around and starts to leave and Max grabs her and they start
making out. As Liz becomes overwhelmed with emotion, she sees images of
something flying through space)
- Sexual Healing

Max takes off his shirt and Liz tries to create a glowing light on Max's
body by running her hand over his chest)
LIZ: I can't do it to you.
MAX: I'm glowing toes, my heart. You can't see it. It's on
the inside.
LIZ: No, Max. We can't do this.
MAX: I know.
LIZ: You know, could I, uh..could I get sick?
MAX: I don't know anything. I don't even know who I am.
LIZ: You know, the...the mark went away because...because you touched it.
Maybe...maybe it came because we were away for...too long. That sounds
really crazy, would be a complete disaster.
MAX: I can't ask you to do anything that might hurt you in any way.
LIZ: I know.
MAX: And I have no idea what that is...and what's right...or wrong.
LIZ: I know. I mean...and you know things...about me that you, um...that you
shouldn't know. And my mother, who I love, is just gonna kill
me...if I don't die from this.
MAX: You're right.
LIZ: I can't stop.
- Sexual Healing

MAX: Any flashes?
LIZ: No. And you?
MAX: Don't think so.
LIZ: Max...everything that we did, everything we felt...was it...was it all
just about this...this thing? You know, we don't even know what it is.
MAX: Yet.
LIZ: Max, was it ever just about us? You and me? Because a person could feel
like they just served their purpose. You know, like being used.
MAX: Is that what you think? Because you're not the only one who could worry
about being used. I mean, some girls would give a lot to see themselves fly
through outer space. You know, I'm sure it doesn't compare to other things
you could be doing, like watching Kyle barf after a beer blast.
LIZ: I can't believe you just said that.
MAX: Why not?
LIZ: Because it really happened.
MAX: You're kidding me.
LIZ: No. I swear. Last summer. It was a really hot night...
MAX: You know what? No, no...don't tell me.
LIZ: Ok, so what you're saying is that you saved me from a life of watching
Kyle barf.
MAX: Liz Parker...I don't think that was ever gonna be your destiny.
LIZ: No?
MAX: No.
LIZ: Ok. Fine. If you know so much, then tell me, Max...what's my destiny?
MAX: I only know the part I'm hoping for.
- Sexual Healing

LIZ: What's going on, Max?
MAX: I wanna talk.
LIZ: About what?
MAX: Liz, about what Michael said before, about Tess, I just...I want you to
know that I don't feel anything for her. I look at you, and I know you're
the person I'm supposed to be with. I've always known it. What happened here
that day, when you got shot, and how that brought us's fate.
Look at me. You're the one, Liz...the only one. I could never be with anyone
- Tess, Lies and Videotape

MAX: Liz.
LIZ: I saw you, Max.
MAX: Liz, it's not what you think.
LIZ: How could you kiss her?
MAX: I don't know. I don't know what's happening.
LIZ: You know all those thing you said to me, Max? Were any of them true?
MAX: Liz... Liz, you've got to believe me. It wasn't me. She was there. She
was waiting for me.
LIZ: Oh, so it's her fault.
MAX: Liz, something is going on with her. I'm telling you, something is not
right about her.
LIZ: Not right about her, Max! What are you talking about?
MAX: The way I'm drawn to her, it's not just attraction. It's something
else. Please, Liz, you have to have faith in me. In us.
LIZ: To have faith?
MAX: Yes. Until I figure out what's going on. I'm telling you, when I kissed
her, I saw things. I had a flash.
LIZ: You had a flash when you kissed her, Max? Like when you kissed me? I
guess I'm not so special after all, huh?
- Tess, Lies and Videotape

LIZ: So everything Nasedo told me was true. You and Tess were meant to be together.
MAX: Liz.
LIZ: I mean, it's your destiny, right?
MAX: I wish I could go back Liz. Back to when things were normal.
LIZ: Me, too. I just wish that I could have stopped you from saving my life that day in the CrashDown.
MAX: Don't say that.
LIZ: Max, the day that you saved my life, your life just ended.
MAX: No, that was the day my life began. Liz, when I was in that room, and
they did what they did to me. You're what kept me alive. The thought of you.
The way your eyes look into mine. Your smile. The touch of your skin.
Your lips. Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.
LIZ: I love you. (They kiss.)

LIZ: Hey.

MAX: Hey. Let me ask you a question. I know what you said...that things couldn't go back to the way they were, but pretend they could for just one second. Could you and I go back, too?

LIZ: I...I can't pretend, Max.

(Max touches Liz on her arm and she gets a flood of images)

MAX: What?

LIZ: Nothing. Good night.

MAX: Night, Liz.

Skin & Bones

FUTURE MAX: I won't leave you.

FUTURE LIZ: No, no, no. Max, you have to.

FUTURE MAX: If I'm successful, if I can do this, you and I won't exist. Not as we do now.

FUTURE LIZ: Max, if you don't do this, we're gonna die. Everyone will. Max, you have to do this. You have to try it.

FUTURE MAX: I'll never see you again.

FUTURE MAX: Thank you.

FUTURE LIZ: For what?

FUTURE MAX: For every kiss, every smile.

FUTURE LIZ: Max, I don't have any regrets.

End of the world

LIZ: Rah-rah. What?

FUTURE MAX: Nothing. It's just...seeing you at 17 again is making it all come flooding back to me. How my stomach used to rumble every time I saw you.

LIZ: So, um...did we get married?

FUTURE MAX: Liz, you know I can't...

LIZ: You...I know, you can't talk about it. I'm sorry. I know.

FUTURE MAX: We eloped. We were 19.

LIZ: We were 19? Wow, that is so young. That is too young.

FUTURE MAX: That's what I said, but you said that Romeo and Juliet were even younger than us, so we drove to Vegas. Got married at the Elvis chapel. Congratulations, kids.

LIZ: So we didn't have a real wedding.

FUTURE MAX: Oh, we had a great wedding. You called Maria, Michael, Isabel, and Alex, and had them meet us halfway. We spent the whole night singing and dancing in some dive outside Phoenix, and at the end of the night, "I Shall Believe" came on the radio.

LIZ: I love that song.

FUTURE MAX: I know. Everyone else was exhausted, but not us. Oh, we danced...just the two of us. And ever since then, it's been our song.

LIZ: If this works...I'm not gonna have that day.

FUTURE MAX: No, you won't.

End of the world

LIZ: Max.

MAX: Were you watching?

LIZ: Um...

MAX: So, it was all a setup.

LIZ: Yeah.

MAX: You tried to get Tess and me together?

LIZ: Look, I know that you must hate me right now. I, um...

(Max grabs Liz and gives her a long, passionate kiss. There are image flashbacks)

MAX: I felt that...and I know you did, too, and I know you think that...that I need to let you go...for the sake of Michael, and Isabel, and my you went to Tess. But she can't be you. Tess can never be you.

End of the world

FUTURE MAX: I've fought a thousand battles...but watching you do that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

LIZ: The look on his face...on your face.

FUTURE MAX: Maybe it's for the best. For you, too.

LIZ: What are you talking about?

FUTURE MAX: I saw you with Kyle. He's turning out to be a...a great guy. Maybe it would be better for you to be with a human.

LIZ: Don't you realize what you are to me...and you're always gonna be? You're the love of my life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There'll never be another you.

End of the world

LIZ: So Max and...Tess are going to be together now.

FUTURE MAX: I don't know. I don't know anything now. This is a different world.

LIZ: I'm gonna be alone.

FUTURE MAX: Maybe. Maybe not. From now on, the future is to be determined. It's what've always said to you, Liz. We create our own destiny.

LIZ: Could you dance with me?


LIZ: I wanna have my wedding dance.

("I Shall Believe" starts playing. Liz dances with Future Max. Future Max twirls Liz and she spins around by herself. When she stops spinning, she realizes that Future Max has disappeared. The episode ends with her looking upward at the night sky and seeing a shooting star)

End of the world

LIZ: Max, look. There's just...there's nothing left to say.

MAX: Except the truth.

LIZ: We have already been through this!

MAX: So far, all I know is what I saw, and what I saw can't be true, because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie! Now, you owe me an explanation, and I want it right now!

LIZ: Please quit shouting, Max. You're scaring me.

MAX: That's a lie, too! You're not scared. You're hiding something.

LIZ: I'm not.

MAX: What the hell is going on with you, Liz? We never lied to each other, never kept a secret from each other.

LIZ: You know, you have got me up on this pedestal, Max, and...I'm not this perfect person. I made a mistake. Look, Kyle and I made love. The end. I'm sorry.


LIZ: I keep looking for some sort of change.

MAX: You mean like...

(Max puts two fingers on top of Liz's head, as if she has alien antennae)

LIZ: Yeah. Something like that. It's nice to see you smile again.

MAX: I want to thank you for saving my life.

LIZ: I guess that makes us even.

MAX: And...I'd like to...start again...our friendship, that is. I mean...I miss it.

LIZ: Yeah. Um...I miss it, too.

MAX: There's just one thing I have to say. One thing I have to ask...and...I promise I'll never ask it again.

LIZ: Yeah. Go ahead.

MAX: Did you...sleep with Kyle?

(Liz nods slightly)

MAX: Ok. I'll see you tomorrow.

Max in the City

LIZ: I thought you didn't believe in God.

MAX: I believe in you.

A Roswell Christmas Carol

LIZ: Max, you've been sitting here since 6:00.

MAX: I don't wanna go home. There's someone dangerous in our town, Liz. Someone who'd do that to a defenseless person.

LIZ: That's why you're here. You're worried about me. Thank you.

We are family

MAX: Everyone we touch gets hurt in some way or another. 5 years from now, I don't want you to open your eyes and realize that...that you missed out. You're part of the group. You always will be. But you need to be allowed grow.

LIZ: Why can't you come with me?

MAX: Because I can't. But I'll be watching you, Liz Parker. Wherever you go...and I'll be here when you get back.

We are family

Liz is sitting by herself at the table, looking at her friends. There's a tap on her shoulder and she looks up to see Max holding out his hand out to her. Michael sees him and smiles. Liz takes his hand and they begin to dance.

LIZ: I thought you'd be at the airport right now.

MAX: I was on my way, but I had this weird moment.

LIZ: What do you mean?

MAX: Well, I saw this vision. You and me, jumping out of the cab like we'd just been married in Vegas.

LIZ: That's weird.

MAX: Yeah, it was like this memory flash of something that really happened, but then...

LIZ: Max. Oh Max. (It looks like she might be going to tell him about Future Max, but then the moment is lost.)

Viva Las Vegas