Crashed in Roswell
Thank yous

Ok first of all I want to say thank you to all the actors, producers, story writers, the WB, UPN and everyone else who ever worked on this show. Never before a movie or a TV-show moved me so much to tears as Roswell did and I was really shocked when I heard that it was finally cancelled by UPN. Thank you for giving me and all the other Roswell fans out there 3 fantastic years. 
I'm really gonna miss the show.
Oh yeah and also thank you to those people, who sent tabasco sauce ;-)
I also wanna thank you to everyone, who helped me creating this website.
Thanks to Rory. You are really great. This website wouldn't be as good as it is if you wouldn't have helped me.
Ok then...also thanks to for pics.
Also thank you, to all those who posted their fanfic. And if i forgot to mention anyone, also thank you very much!!!