Crashed in Roswell
101 reasons why it's good to know an alien...

Here are the top 101 reasons, why it's good to know an alien...
Ok, there are not 101 yet, but if you know any, just send them.
1.  First of all, you'll never need to go to the dentist's  again  or to any other doctor. Because Max can heal you within seconds.
2. You poured coffee on your shirt and the most popular guy in school wants to meet you after class - no problem, if Isabel likes you, she can easily make the spot dissappear.
3. Visions while kissing your alien boyfriend - do I have to say anything else?!
4. You'd probably never need a flashlight again. And if you hang out with Isabel, you'd also save the money for batterys.
5. A also very important fact is, that you can say goodbye to beloved people, who died. Even if Max can't heal them, at least you'd have the chance to say goodbye.
6. If you like drawing, you don't have to begin a new painting, you can ask one of our alien friends if they could possibly remove one or the other mistake or stain.
7. It's really great to play tricks on people with alien powers, like Michael did in "Leaving normal", especially on people you don't like.
8. Also the colour-changing Isabel did with her lipstick, wouldn't be useless, I think.
9. Back to coffee...ehm...cold coffee tastes really ugly, but you don't have to drink it, if our special friends with their special powers are around ;-)
10.  Your car can instantly get a monster soundsystem (like in "Monsters")
11. And last but not least, you can be sure of one thing: life will never be boring again!!!