Crashed in Roswell


To all Dreamers, Candies, Stargazers and all the other Roswellfans out there: Roswell has been cancelled and since then, many fansites are closed or no longer updated. I just wanted you to know, that whatever happens, "Crashed in Roswell" will remain open forever and I will also continue to update it.

It's official: UPN cancels Roswell

A Letter from Jason Katims to the fans of Roswell

Hey, it's Rory. I haven't heard anything from Irene for a long time now, and she's not replying to my e-mails. I'm confused.
School's really hard, I barely find time to even breathe, let alone to update! So... as far as I'm concerned, this site is on a momentarily HIATUS. The lenght of that hiatus depends on you guys, if I don't get any comments, it's very likely that this site won't be updated anymore. I won't close it, it's just won't be updated. If you wanna see this site going on, you can e-mail me at saying so. Thanks! Love, Rory aka Jelena xoxo

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