Crashed in Roswell
Up To The Challenge

Author: Rory (Jelena)
Disclaimer: Not mine sadly, I'm just a frustrated fan wasting some time writing a story from inside my brain. So here goes: I don't own or have any part of Roswell, that goes to the people at The WB and Jason Katims , Melinda Metz etc... As for Higher Ground I'm not sure who owns that - some people at Fox Family and I think Joe Lando. All I can say is I am obsessed and please don't sue.
Category: Roswell/Higher Ground crossover mostly Maria from Roswell and most of the characters from HG.
Rating: PG-13, as usual

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Author's note: Oh and sorry ahead of time to Liz fans, I didn't know how to write her so this is what I came up with, it's a bit sappy but oh well. Now on with the story.

"I can't believe you are leaving for the whole summer!" Liz Parker moans.

"Don't worry Lizzie, I'll write you and call you all the time," Maria DeLuca says, patting her best friend's back.

"I don't see why you have to go, I mean this was going to be our summer," Liz replies.

"Liz, it's my Aunt Sophie, I haven't seen her for like three years. It's her wedding. Besides, I could use a break from my life, some time away from here," Maria says with a sigh.

"I guess I'm just jealous, because I can't get away from here," Liz answers. Away from Max, her heart screams.

"Well, I guess you'll just have to hook up with Alex and have all kinds of fun without me. I bet if you act now you can even guilt him into some of the girl stuff," Maria says with a smile, imagining Alex at the mall.

"Alex is way too into Isabel to be bothered with me. I guess I'll just have to work double shifts at The Crashdown and wait for my life to settle back into some kind of order," Liz replies rather sorrowfully.

"Don't worry, one of these days it will all make sense, or we'll be transported to some alternate universe where there is no such thing as destiny, or Czechoslovakians," Maria says sullenly.

"Oh Maria, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to drag you down. I'm sure you will have fun at your aunt's wedding," Liz says apologetically.

*Ding Dong* the doorbell chimes.

"That must be Alex, he said he would be over," Maria says as she jumps to answer the door. "Alex, I'm so glad to see you, oh and Isabel. Michael, what are you doing here? You made it clear we were through," Maria demands, trying to keep her voice even.

"I heard you were leaving. I thought we were friends I guess I was wrong," Michael says, his tone matching Maria's mood.

"Face it, Michael, we've never been friends, and I certainly don't see that happening now since magically it isn't safe for us together," Maria screams.

"Fine, you obviously don't want me here. I'm gone, have fun, have a nice life, see if I care." Michael yells, as he slams the door.

"You have a nice life too," Maria retorts back, before crumpling to the floor.

"It's O.K. Maria, don't cry. Is, can you go get Liz?" Alex asks Isabel while comforting Maria.

"Maria, it's all going to be fine, that's why it's good you are getting away for a while remember?" Liz whispers.

After a few moments Maria is once again composed and Isabel speaks, "So Maria tell us about this place you are going for the summer."

"Well my aunt works at this school called Horizon. It's a school for kids who have been in trouble with the law or their parents have put them there because of drugs, running away, or other stuff like that. Anyways my Aunt Sophie is getting married and since my mom is too busy with the shop because of the busy season coming up, I'm going. Of course there is the whole 'my mother doesn't trust me' thing. So she decided I needed to see what these kids' lives are like. I don't really care, it gets me out of Roswell for awhile, I think what happened tonight makes it obvious that I need to get out of town. I'm not ready to face him every day at work, I think we need neutral corners for awhile," Maria explains.

"We understand, DeLuca. Parker and I will just have to miss you incredibly," Alex tells her.

"Hey, don't forget about me, I mean I know you guys aren't happy with Michael or Max right now, but I hope it won't affect our relationship. That goes for both of you," Isabel says seriously.

"I know, Isabel, I don't hold you responsible for their actions. Michael made his choice and now he has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Now not to be a poor hostess, but I have to finish packing and since I am taking the red-eye out I have to get to bed," Maria tells them.

"Say no more, we are out of here. Call me at The Crashdown when you get in, K?" Liz tells Maria.

"You got it, see ya in ten weeks," Maria tells them as she ushers them out the door.

Alex, Isabel, and Liz leave and Maria finishes packing, soon she is done and is ready for bed. She cries herself to sleep, shedding tears for her lost love. Michael watches the woman he loves sleep, not missing the fresh tears on her cheeks. "You idiot, you've hurt her again," Michael says to himself quietly. Once he is sure she is asleep, he enters her room silently through the open window. he slides two items into Maria's suitcase, the first one is a bandanna, the second a folded piece of paper. He leans over her and kisses her forehead, and whispers, "I'm sorry for everything, Maria." Then he slips out of the room as quietly as he entered.