Crashed in Roswell
Beyond Friendship

Title: "Beyond Friendship"
Author: Barbara
Part Finished: Part 1 of ? INCOMPLETE!!
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of the characters associated with the
Summary: Will Michael and Liz go beyond friendship?? What does it mean for
Michael and Maria and Liz and Max?!?!
Category: UC Michael & Liz. Maria & Max. May be CC later~

"BeYoNd FrIeNdShIp"

"Liz, I know that you don't want to hear this right now, but I have to go."
Max Evans told his girlfriend Elizabeth Parker.

He stood in front of her on the balcony just outside her bedroom window. He
wore his leather jacket with a black shirt underneath and jeans. His car
keys were in his hand, but he was clenching them slightly. His brown eyes
locked hers, and he offered a soft 'I'm-sorry-but-duty-calls" look. She knew
that look all too well. Lately, it was the only look he had been giving her.

"Max, I thought you were going to‚¶" Liz let her sentence trail off because
there was no end to that sentence.

Max Evans had slept with Tess Harding, and now, she was pregnant. Two
alien-hybrids had consummated a night of lust, and now, he was telling her
that he was searching for his son on planet Antar. Couldn't life just be
like it used to be? Liz longed for the days when she and Max could just
sneak into the Eraser Room, and have fun.

"Liz, I have to find him. My son needs me." Max reasoned. He knew was hard
for her, but he HAD to do this.

"I know that, but I‚¶" Liz looked into his eyes sadly.

Max touched her cheek softly, and looked into Liz's eyes.

"You, what?" He asked softly.

"I need you, too, Max." She whispered.

Max kissed her lips lightly, and pulled back just enough so that he could see
her face.

"I know, but I'll be back. I promise."

"Don't make promises, Max. We both know that it never works out that way.
There's always something that you have to do. I have a life, too, Max." Liz
didn't want to argue, but this had been going on long enough.


"Max, I don't want another promise to be broken!"

"I promise you I will be home in two days, Liz."

"Will you call me?"

"I'll try."

"Goodbye, Max."

"I love you, Liz."

"I love you, too, Max, but there's only so much I can take of this." Liz told
him quietly.

"I know. Two days. Goodnight." Max kissed her softly, and she kissed him back
savoring the moment before his departure.

Across town, Maria DeLuca entered Michael Guerin's apartment.

"Hey! So, I was thinking, how about we do something tonight?" Maria asked

"Can't, sorry." Michael told his ex-girlfriend, as he continued to watch the
hockey game that was on the TV screen.

"Michael?" Maria waved her hand in front of his face, but he ignored her.

"SHOOT IT! He's wide open!! HURRY UP!!" Michael screamed at the TV screen.

"Michael!" Maria called into his ear.

"Shh! This is the best part!" He raised the volume on the TV.

"That's it!" Maria grabbed the remote from his hand, and turned off the game.

"I'm missing the game!" Michael told her, confused and clearly upset.

"Michael, you've already seen it! You taped it, remember?" Maria told him,
clearly misunderstanding the importance of some stupid game.

"But I was watching the playbacks of what happened! They're crucial!" Michael

"No, they're pointless. Watch it later, we need to talk."

"We always talk, Maria."

"Not like we used to." Maria told him seriously.

"So what? You talk less, and I get to see more of the game." Michael got up,
and pulled a Snapple from his refrigerator. He ignored the glare she was
giving him.

"Okay, hi, welcome to planet Earth, alien-boy. Look, just because we're no
longer together doesn't mean we can't still talk you know!"

"Believe me, I know. All you keep talking about is how we don't talk. We
don't have to talk. The silence is actually gratifying for the soul." Michael

"Oh, God! Have you been talking to Buddha Boy again? Look, gratifying or not,
we should really do something fun and normal!"

"Sorry, can't."

"What? Why not?"

"I have work!"

"Have Skunk or whoever take care of it for you!" Maria told him.

"His name is Monk, and no one can just 'take over for me,' Maria. I happen to
have a rather crucial occupation. One that requires skill, and a prestigious

"Prestigious? That's it, no more Dawson's Creek, alien-boy. Look, one night
out with me can't possibly hurt!"

"I don't watch that crap, Maria. It's not my fault that my species is just
more evolved than yours. Call Liz or Isabel." Michael told her, sitting on
the couch next to her.

"No! Liz and Max are doing whatever, and Isabel and Jesse are in Santa Fe for
the week."

"Santa Fe? Really? Who would wanna go to Santa Fe?"

"Forget it, I'm leaving." Maria said, exasperated.

"You get one hour." Michael finally gave in.

"Two!" Maria bargained.

"Deal." Michael muttered.

Michael took off on his dirt bike once Maria had left. It was his shift at
the Crashdown, and he could use the money to afford some extra food. Ever
since Max had moved in with him, the food supply was going faster than it
came. Maria wasn't working that night, but Liz would be. The dinner rush
would bring a lot of the usual customers, and he could use the time at the
grill to think. He parked in his parking space, and entered the alien-themed
diner, the Crashdown Cafe. Although the place was usually crowded, tonight
there were only a few customers.

"Hey." Liz greeted him, coming down from the upstairs apartment.

"Hey, what's up?" Michael asked, noticing that she looked upset.

"Nothing, just nothing."

"Yeah, whatever. What happened?" Michael never was one for

"Max is going away for two days."

"What? Why? Since when?"

"He just told me about it. He'll tell you when you get home, but he wants to
find his son." Liz explained, getting angry again.

"Oh." Michael knew how much it upset Liz, but Max and Liz needed to deal with
their own problems.

"So, have you talked to Maria?" Liz asked, noticing the sad look that
flickered in his eyes quickly, and then, disappeared before she could tell it
was even there.

"Yeah, she wants us to hang out."

"Really? That's a good thing."

"Yeah, I guess."

"What? It's not a good thing?" Liz asked, confused. She knew Michael was
still in love with Maria.

"No, it's not that, it's just‚¶whatever. She dumps me for her music, and now,
all of a sudden, I'm supposed to just hang out with her all the time!"

"You don't have to go, you know." Liz told him softly.

"It's Maria. She's persistent."

Liz laughed, and responded, "Yeah, I know."

"Whatever. I'll go, and be her friend. It's what she wants."

"Talk to her."

"Liz, all we ever do anymore is TALK!"


"SO, I'm a guy, Liz! I have certain NEEDS!" Michael told her, as if it were
the most rational thing in the world.

"NEEDS? Michael, what about a sense of actual commitment in a relationship
rather than just a 'good time' in bed? What about actual conversations, and
just being with each other?" Liz exploded.

"That's all well and good, Liz, but look where it got you."

"So, what, just because I didn't have sex with Max our relationship is going
down the toilet?" Liz asked, angrily.

"No, but I'm just saying that a 'good time' as you put it does help to keep
the relationship in balance. With Maria, we did it all. Besides, we spent two
years having conversations, and just being together."

"Then, you slept together, and now look at you!" Liz pointed out.

"Oh." Michael said, realizing she was somewhat right.

Before Liz could say anything else, the phone rang.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Liz, it's me, Maria. Is Michael there?" Maria said on the other line.

"Yeah, just a sec. Michael? It's for you." Liz handed him the phone.

"Hello?" Michael said into the receiver.

"Michael, it's me. I have to cancel for tonight." She told him.

"What? Why?" He asked, disappointed, but refusing to let it show.

"Jim just called and said they wanted me to sing with them tonight. It's
gonna be great! Anyway, we'll do it some other time, k? Bye." Maria hung up.

"What happened?" Liz asked, after he hung up the phone.

"Valenti wants her to sing with him and his group. She cancelled."

"I'm sorry, Michael. I know! Lets hang out! We'll go out, and we'll have a
good time!" Liz suggested.

"Liz Parker wants to go out?" Michael joked.

"Yes! Liz Parker wants to go out, and have fun! Max went off on his own,
Maria went off on her own, and now, it's our turn! Please do this with me,
Michael? It'll give us a chance to bond."

"I don't 'bond' Liz." Michael told her, but he was giving it careful thought
in his head.

"Fine, go home and watch the stupid hockey games. I am going out after work."


"I'm not sure, but I will have fun!"


"Maria cancelled your plans, Michael. You can either sulk about it, or go out
and cut loose for tonight!" Liz told him.

"I'll go." Michael said.

They finished their shifts early after the few customers left for the night.
Liz sent Michael home, and they planned for him to pick her up in an hour.

Michael came back wearing black jeans and a tight black muscle T-shirt. Liz
wore black leather pants and a maroon tube top. Her long brown hair was left
down, and she wore her heels that made her a few inches taller. Michael
looked at her as she exited the Crashdown.

"Max would die if he saw you right now." Michael told her somewhat

"Relax, Michael. Max isn't around, okay? Tonight, I'm someone else entirely."
Liz told him excitedly.

"Where to?"

"Alien Dome." Liz told him.

"What? That new club that opened last year? Liz, you have to be twenty-one."

"So? Make us some fake ID's." Liz told him mischievously.

Michael smirked, and did exactly as she said. "I always knew you and I would
make great friends."

Liz laughed at that. They passed through security, and entered the club.
Liz stepped onto the dance floor like a natural. She fit in there with all
the other girls who were dancing like there was no tomorrow. Michael went to
sit down, but Liz grasped his hand.

"You're here to have fun, right?" She asked, yelling over the loud music.

"Yeah, so?" He yelled back.

"Dance!" She told him. Michael rolled his eyes, but followed her lead
nonetheless. Liz ran her fingers through her hair, and danced. Michael
shuffled his feet back and forth, effortlessly. Liz shook her head in fake
annoyance. "Like THIS!" She put her hands on his waist and rubbed up
against him. She moved her hips back and forth in rhythm to the music.
Michael wrapped his arms around her waist a few minutes later as they danced
together. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and they danced together.
'Whoa!' Michael thought to himself. 'Oh my God!' Liz thought to herself. As
if reading each other's thoughts, Liz lifted her leg up and bent it at the
knee. Michael held it to his waist and pulled her closer. His lips were
touching the top of her tube top, and her fingers were around his neck
running through his hair. They danced like this for hours. At one o'clock,
they had to leave because they both had work the following morning.

"You're a really great dancer!" She told him as they were leaving.

"Me? It was all you out there!" He responded. One thing was for sure, they
were both on fire!

Michael started to drive her home, but her voice stopped him.

"I had a lot of fun tonight. Thank you."

"Me? It was all your idea."

"I know, but Max would never do something like this."

"The king himself? Probably not. Maria would have loved it, except she'd ask
to sing."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Liz agreed.

Michael continued to drive to Liz's house.

"So, are you busy tomorrow night?" He smirked at her, but she knew he was

"I think so. Why do you ask?" Liz asked, intrigued.

"Same time; same place." Michael said confidently.

"Sure." Liz smiled. Once at the Crashdown, Liz leaned over to kiss his
cheek, but she missed. Her lips brushed his in a quick peck that was most
definitely NOT planned. Michael looked at her, and laughed nervously. She
followed his lead, and laughed because it was too awkward to do anything

"I‚¶" Liz started in a rush.

"Didn't mean to, I know. Don't worry about it." Michael told her.

"Thanks." Liz walked into the restaurant, and Michael drove off.

Liz walked upstairs with a contented sigh, and yawned. She opened her
bedroom door and jumped when she saw Maria.

"Where the hell have you been?! I've been worried sick about you, Liz! I
thought that you were lying in the street or in jail or something! Do you
have any idea what time it is? Huh, do you? It's one thirty in the morning,
Liz! I want a good enough excuse right this instant!" Maria fumed, jumping
off of Liz's bed.