Crashed in Roswell
Crashed in Roswell - Shipper Dictionary

So many different shippers, you can easily get lost! I know I do... :) Here's a little dictionary of numerous Roswell 'shippers!

Alleyleaders Kyle/Ava shippers
Antar Girls Ava/Lonnie shippers
Awakened Dreamers Liz/Zan shippers
B Team Alex/Kyle shippers
Balcony Sirens Liz/Lonnie shippers
Band Candy Maria/Michael/Alex threesome shippers
Band Geeks Maria/Alex/Liz threesome shippers
Basketcases Michael/Isabel/Tess threesome shippers
BBQ M&Ms Maria/Michael/Kyle threesome shippers
Bicker Brigade Kyle/Maria... but only as siblings
Big Pimpin' Liz/Maxedo/Maria threesome shippers
Blonde Ambition Maria/Isabel/Tess threesome shippers
Blonde Attitude Maria and Isabel shippers
Breakfast Club Michael/Maria/Liz threesome shippers
Brooders Max/Valenti shippers
Butterflies Maria/Lonnie shippers
Candygirl (or boy) Michael/Maria shipper. They are known collectively as the Candyclan
Candy Souls Maria/Michael/Zan shippers
Candytrimmers Maria/Michael/Tess/Kyle shippers
Catfighters Liz and Tess shippers
Chemists discuss the chemistry between Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby
Cliffhanger Michael and Isabel shipper (also called Cliffies and Cliffes)
Combustibles Maria/Sean shippers (hey, um, guys? aren't they cousins?)
CopyCatfighters Liz/Tess/Ava threesome shippers
CopyCats flip-side of Catfighters, the Liz/Ava shippers
Corn-Fed Lady Hal and Betty shipper (from 'Summer Of '47')
Cruel Desires Liz/Nicholas shippers
Cowgirl another name for Kyle fans
Cuffs 'n Palm Prints Valenti/Max/Pierce threesome shippers
Deep Enders Tess/Michael/Isabel threesome shippers
Deputies Tess/Kyle/Maria threesome shippers
Desert Dwellers Maria/Michael/Isabel threesome shippers
Deviants Isabel/Sean shippers
Diablo Tess/Maxedo/Isabel threesome shippers
Displaced Dreamers They're "Dreamers in the classic sense" but they explore other options when Max starts pissing them off. They bow to a Royal Court that consists of Liz as King, Kyle as Queen, and S2 Max as a royal toilet scrubber among other things...
DoK Orgy Alex/Liz/Riverdog threesome shippers
Double Dippers Liz/Max/Zan threesome shippers
Dreamcatchers Tess/Max/Michael threesome shippers
Dreamers Max and Liz fans (also known as Dreamgirls - see "Chemists", "Displaced Dreamers", "Drebels", "Reject Dreamers", "TNT Dreamers")
DreamPole Nuts Liz/Max/Michael threesome shippers
Dreamy Waitresses Maria/Max/Liz threesome shippers
Drebel ships Max/Liz and Max/Tess (also called Dynamic Drebels)
Fantastics Liz/Maxedo shippers
Fifth Wheeler Alex/Tess shipper
Four Wheel Drive Tess/Alex/Isabel threesome shippers
Frickers Eddie/Max shippers
Frickin Trespassers Eddie/Liz/Max threesome shippers
Friendshipper fans of the show's friendships
Fryers Liz/Sean shippers
Fugitives Alex/Laurie Dupree shippers
Ground Control Maria/Max/Zan threesome shippers
Ground Zero (or GZ) Max and Maria shipping (the individual is called a Ground Zeroer)
Grounded Souls Maria/Zan shippers
Groupies Maria/Alex shippers
Guides Liz/Topolsky shippers
Hotwarpers Tess/Zan shippers (also "Wild Child")
Hot Wheels Maria/Alex/Tess threesome shippers
Hussylovers Tess and Courtney shippers
Hustlers Tess/Rath shippers
Ice Cube Courtney and Isabel shipper
In Crowd Kyle and Isabel shippers
Interns Liz/Congresswoman Whitaker shippers
Jailbaiters Alex/Topolsky shippers
Jailers Michael/Valenti shippers
Jumpers Liz/Rath shippers
Jumpin' Trucks Liz/Rath/Zan threesome shippers
Killer B's Maria/Kyle/Alex threesome shippers
Knockouts Alex/Michael shippers
Lamptrimmer a newer Kyle/Tess shipper name (see "Rebounder")
Lifesavers Maria/Tess shippers
Lifesaving Rebels Maria/Max/Tess threesome shippers
Lizizards Liz and Isabel shippers
Lolitas Liz/Jim Valenti shippers
Loyalist Liz and Kyle shipper
Marmalades Liz/Maria/Max shippers
Men in Black Pierce and Michael shippers
Mental Blasters Michael/Ava shippers
Mental Vibrators Tess/Michael shippers
Mikey's Angels Courtney and Maria shippers
Mind Shifters Tess/Nasedo shippers
Mind Warpers Isabel/Tess shippers
Misfits Sean/Tess shippers
Neckbreakers Max/Merris shippers (you know, Morgan Fairchild)
Opies Alex/Isabel/Lonnie threesome shippers
Out of Towners Maria/Max/Isabel threesome shippers
Outcasts Alex/Ava shippers
Outsiders Max/Isabel shippers
The Panty Brigade Kyle and Max shippers
Past Indiscretion Nicholas and Isabel (or Nicholas and Lonnie)
Patriots Tess/Kivar shippers
Peanut Brittle Maria/Rath/Zan threesome shipper
Peanut M&Ms Max/Michael
PepperJackers Maria/Brody shippers
Pillow Fighters another name for Liz/Sean shippers (see "Fryers")
Pink Ladies Maria/Ava shippers
Plasmatics Alex/Max shippers
PODs Protectors Of Destiny - like Max/Tess and Michael/Isabel together
Polar Cliffs Liz/Isabel/Michael threesome shippers
Polarist Michael and Liz shipper (Polar also used as an adjective to describe something relating to Michael and Liz)
PoleCats Liz/Tess/Michael threesome shippers
Punkrocker Zan/Ava shippers
Pure Deception Alex/Izedo (even though she never existed) shippers
Rebels Max and Tess shippers, known collectively as The Rebel Alliance
Rebel Wild Child a Tess/Zan/Ava threesome shipper
Rebounders most common Kyle/Tess shipper name
Rebounding Loyalist Catfighters Liz/Kyle/Tess threesome shippers
Reflectionist Isabel and Lonnie shippers
Reject Dreamers the slightly more laid-back Dreamers of the Jason Behr boards
Rejects Maria/Kyle/Max threesome shippers
Remedialist Kyle and Maria shipper
Riotgrrls Maria/Tess/Liz threesome shippers
Rock n Jocks Michael/Maria/Kyle threesome shippers
Rodeo Clowns Alex/Max/Michael threesome shippers
Rough and Tumbles another name for Alex/Michael shippers... but I have no clue where it came from
Sandwich Club Alex/Kyle/Maria threesome shippers
Second Generation another name for Kyle/Maria
Secret Agents Pierce/Maria shippers
Shared Gomez Liz/Kyle/Max shipping
Shipwreckers another name for Max/Tess shippers
Shock Jocks Pierce and Kyle (LOL, I made this one up - nice, right?)
Sibling Rivalry Liz/Isabel/Max shipping
Sirens Jim Valenti/Isabel shippers (I thought poor Mala didn't want it to come to this)
Sleepers another name for Max/Michael shippers
Snap Dragons Maria/Isabel/Liz threesome shippers
Snickers Max/Michael/Maria threesome shippers
Soulmate Rath and Michael shipper
Spuds a combination of "Spurs" and "Studs"
Spurs Michael/Kyle shippers (romantic/sexual)
Stargazer Alex/Isabel shipper
Star Sightings Maria/Isabel/Alex threesome shippers
Stimulator Michael and Courtney shipper
Streetwalkers Maria/Rath shippers
Streetwalking Soulmates Maria/Michael/Rath threesome shippers
Studs appreciate Michael/Kyle friendship (the hetero version of Spurs)
Sugar Daddie River Dog and Liz... mmkay
Sugar Fried Dumplins Kyle/Max/Pierce threesome shippers
Suncatchers Isabel/Alex/Kyle threesome shippers
Sweet Torturer Agent Pierce and Max shippers (hee! what? the sadistic bastard loved him and you know it!)
Three Muskateers Max/Isabel/Michael threesome shippers
TNT Dreamers stands for Top-Notch Tolerance Dreamers, they make a point of not bashing Tess or other characters
Tresspasser Eddie and Liz shipper
True Bluer Alex and Liz shipper
Twisted Destiny Liz/Tess/Max threesome shipping
Twisted Desire Maria/Pierce/Sheriff Valenti threesome shippers
Urban Cowboys Alex/Kyle/Michael threesome shippers
Untuckables Sheriff Valenti and Amy Deluca shippers
Vipers Isabel/Kivar shippers
Waitresses Maria/Liz shippers
Wallpapers Alex/Lonnie shippers
Warped Lizizards Liz/Isabel/Tess threesome shippers
Whirlwind Romantics Isabel/Jesse shippers
Wild Child Tess/Zan shipper (also "Hotwarpers")
Wipeouts Liz/Maria/Kyle threesome shippers
Wrestlers Amy/Michael shippers
WWF Crashdown Amy/Sheriff/Michael threesome shippers